Paying it Forward

6 years ago

Forever 17

Paying it forward… What it means to me.

I have been very blessed in life and  what some people might call a tragedy is the one thing that has pushed me through. We are not Monetarily Rich  or Drizzled in Diamonds but we do have an everlasting faith that has always helped us through. Ever since I was little I have tried to put others first. For every BAD thing we go through, someone else is facing something worst.  My family and I have always tried to donate as much time as possible to different causes. From food drives, to toy drives , Coaching, Church events, Special Olympics, Relay for life and lending a neighbor a hand. We are always hoping to help someone.

What we realized a few years ago is that a simple kind gesture can make a huge difference as well. A smile, or compliment to a complete stranger or holding the door for the young mom struggling with her kids. Paying for the meal for the family behind us or offering a hand with the flat tire. I see it all to often that we as a society are split down the middle, there are those who help and those who ignore. Everyone has reasons why they do what they do but I would like to think there is more good out there than bad. Paying it Forward can be the biggest gift someone receives that day. And I like to think that one person can change the world one person at a time. I have no idea what the Man with the sad face is sad about, I don’t even know him but it takes one second of my time to try and comfort him in some small way. there are people that have no one and people that have everyone and I believe  a simple act of kindness can change a persons day.

 4 Years ago I ran into a girl I went to High school with and  I hadn’t seen her in over 10 years. I vaguely remembered her and her words will stick with me forever. She said “thank you , you saved my life” I kind of giggled as a tear came to her eye and she explained that one day after school in the 9th grade she was sitting outside Writing something in her notebook as I walked by with my girl friends. She must have looked sad because she said I smiled at her and told her “NO worries, What ever your upset about wont matter at the end of the day” And that from that day on I always smiled at her and said hello. I never knew this girls name until that day 4 years ago, but what she said to me was shocking. She told me she was writing a suicide note that she was going to leave in her locker, because she had been being abused for many years by her step Father and instead of taking her life that day she went home and told her Mother what she had been going through for the past 6 years and her Mother called the police and her abuse ended that day. I had no idea how powerful a kind word or gesture could be until that moment that this girl told me this story. I’ve never seen her again , and maybe I wasn’t suppose to. As my words changed her life unknowingly, her story changed mine.

A smile is all it takes sometimes, shouldn’t we all take the time to pay it forward? It might just save a life.

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