Pay Less Save More: Coupon Lingo

4 years ago

Knowing your coupon lingo is important to knowing how your coupon will work and how to use them in conjunction with your store’s coupon policy.

Blinkies: These coupons are dispensed for small machines and often blink next to the product being
advertised. Blinkies aren’t usually doubled so check your barcode if it stars
with a 9, you can redeem it for face value only.

Doubling: Getting twice the coupon’s face value usually only up to 50 cents, so check your store’s policy. Some stores double only on certain days usually their slowest shopping days. So check your weekly circulars and store’s
website for specials promotions.

Peelies: Coupons that are often attached to the outside of a product or other related
products. Example: Buy a Kashi soft bar and get $1.00 off any produce. Peelies often can be redeemed on different sized items or varieties of the same product so check the fine print to see if
it says on any or on this.

Stacking: Using multiple coupons per item. Most stores allow shoppers to use one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item. Stacking items already on sale at stores will give you even more savings and in
some cases those items may become free items.

Tear Pads: Notepads of coupons that hand off grocery shelves. I personally have found most of the tear pad coupons I’ve used in my dentist and pediatricians office as well as some pharmacies. Check out the freezer sections they are sometimes on the freezer doors.

Catalinas: Coupons that print out at the register usually consistent with items you’ve previously purchased. If you know that your Catalina may print out and you want to use it on this order separate your order
and use the Catalina on the same trip. For a download of Coupon Lingo go to our download page at

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