Pay It Forward Friday

7 years ago

Another Pay it Forward Friday posting is up! Before I get into my PIFF posting, although, I'll let you know some things going on in our house this week.
First off - Miss. S went to her babysitter (daycare) for the first time this week. She was only there for a few hours so I could do a case conference at school. There were no tears from either of us at drop off. By the time I picked her up although, there were many tears. She had not taken a nap because she was too overwhelmed with the excitement of new kids/toys/people as well as the transition that she had lost it right before I arrived. Plus, our babysitter informed me that she is cutting a large tooth on the side of her mouth. I thought the front, bottom teeth came in first so that was what I had been focused on. I guess they can come in at any order.
Anyways - once I picked her up and fed her a bottle she fell right to sleep and slept from 3pm to 6pm without a peep because she was so worn out.

Which brings me to my next thing - we need a family schedule. I'm scheduled to go back to work full time on the 4th of October and I realized that we need a routine ASAP. I had a long talk with K that he needs to come home at a set time and sketched out a timeline for an average day. It's going to be rough the first couple of weeks I think to get everything into routine. Miss. S will also be going from napping on her own schedule to napping at the babysitters with lots of active kids who don't share her joy of sleeping. I'm a bit worried how we're going to do the first weeks with routine - more so than the emotions of leaving her at daycare for the day.

Anyways......let's jump into PIFF so I can tell you what I've been up to there.
This week I'd like to Pay it Forward by sending a surprise care package to my brother in med school. I remember in college that any piece of mail from home was a treat. I'm hoping to stuff a box full of goodies for him to surprise him since we haven't seen him in a month or so. My brother was valedictorian of his class as well as graduating cum lade from undergrad college - so when it comes to med school he is all about the constant studying. I think that deserves some chocolate. :)
Also, this past week I threw in a random PIF. I got a message from my friend, a coworker at my old school, that she was having a rough time with some school politics. So I grabbed Miss. S and we headed over to school and treated her with lunch and some talk time. I hope it was a brighter spot in her week to put down her problems for a little while and enjoy some company in her classroom.
I also took some time to "purge" out some of Miss. S's baby things. I recently reviewed some of our agency's photos from their most recent trip to Africa to escort children home and to visit the orphanages. Of course, once I saw the pictures of the kids vs. the amount of stuff I have packed in Miss. S's dresser drawers I was ashamed. There have been times I can't shut her dresser drawers because there is so much packed inside, yet in the photos of waiting kids I see children her age as well as younger and older who are wearing scraps of clothing, are barefoot, and who have no belongings to speak of. I made a promise before Miss. S came home that I would donate 1/3 of the gifts we had gotten for her to children in need. Miss. S doesn't need much and she FOR SURE. I would like to send at least 1 bag of things with the escort each time she travels. I figure we will have various things to donate as Miss. S grows out of things, and as we receive more gifts from friends and family from get togethers and holidays. We have more than we can ever use.
(Of course we may be fraught with drama if I try and do this when Miss. S is old enough to realize that her 12th pink blanket she just got is being taken from her and is headed to Africa. The same with her toys. I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it or we will have to give up a sack of our own things to show her that she's not the only person who has to PIF in the house.)
Someone guessed that we were doing adoption #2 from Rwanda and the first person who guessed correctly was ANNE who adopted from Ethiopia. CONGRATS ANNE ON BEING AN AWESOME GUESSER! Drop me your address so I can mail you your prize! :)
Also, I need to take down my ChipIn for Hilary that I posted about last week. She and her husband have decided to forgo the adoption plans for the time being so that she can focus on college. They're still planning on adopting, just pushing it back for a year or so. So thanks to all who responded on how to help their family and I will post about them again when they're ready to move forward.
Anyways, that is all for this week. I'm returning to work soon so I hope I can keep up with my promise to post PIF every Friday. Going from SAHM to WAHM is going to be tough stuff. ;)


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