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 Sometimes people's idea of patriotism baffles me. You can be patriotic and love your country and still question the actions of our government. But some people believe their views must be congruent with what the government does - no exception. Or they think being patriotic means a dislike for other countries. But I disagree. We are a global society and we happen to have a country that we are proud of. 

Unless you are a soldier who consciously chooses to carry out orders directed by our leaders, there is no harm in pondering or discussing or being curious about what goes on in government. There is nothing wrong with being for some decisions of war and against others. For being for some laws and against others. For being for some Republicans and for some Democrats and against others. There is nothing wrong with being curious about the actions of politicians or those entwined in political happenings. There is nothing wrong with hearing all sides of a story or considering all angles -- even with scandals. Because we are free to do so. We are free to think. We are free to speak. We are free to try to influence and even participate in government. 

The other extreme is people who protest or burn flags. And then you have people who just don't care about government at all because they don't think they can change things and their vote doesn't really matter.

The government is just people. Some who are more or less ethical than others. Some have ideas that are far from or close to our own. 

You can be patriotic and choose to agree or disagree with actions of your government. You can believe in the principles the country was founded upon and yet disagree with the actions of people who run the government or certain parts of it. Fortunately, we are a free people, and what's so great about this country is that we do not have intimidation and bullying because of expressed political views or curiosity of governmental affairs. The freedom of speech was so important that it was the very first Ammendment to the Constitution. 


-- Carrie Zing

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