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8 years ago

Sometimes I ponder the deep social implications and interconnections involved in producing a word (spoken in caps) like "FAIL" from my grandchild's lips. Other times I just wonder what the heck she's talking about. In an effort to keep you up on all the terms rushing into and out of our daily lexicon, here is a look at some of the latest slang.

I say some because I don't know it all. Perhaps you can supply a few good terms yourself.

Fail or Epic Fail means, as you might guess, that someone failed. Messed up big time. It might be used to describe someone else, or even yourself. This word is very popular right now. Witness: Massive Fail, Bailout FAIL and Christmas FAIL.

Povo, borrowed from Australian slang, means poor. "I'm too povo to go with you to the movie."

Poke war involves Facebook. When two Facebook users poke each other repeatedly they are having a poke war. Presumably, the last one still typing is the winner.

shyPod refers to someone who does not want you to know what they are listening to with their iPod. Like your 11 year old doesn't want you to know about the explicit video she just downloaded: she's totally shyPod.

Pwn or pwned or pwnage refers to superiority. It comes from Pure oWNage, or total superiority at something. This started out in gaming, as so much urban slang does, but not I see all sorts of people using it. "My pwnage is total, dude."

Geequal comes from geek and equal and means someone who is equally as knowledgable as you are in some geeky or arcane topic. "She's my geequal in CSS but I totally pwn her in microformats."

Obama means cool. It you're Not Obama, you, I'm sad to say, are not cool. Get busy and get your Obama on. Political correctness doesn't always play well in the world of slang. Two phrases I find particulary offensive are to say something is so gay or so ghetto to indicate that you think it's stupid. I finally got used to the word "suck" but I'm not sure I'll ever accept these two.

Lag sounds like something about my brain, but it really refers to a slowing Internet connection. If you have a lag problem, you're liable to lose at whatever you are playing.

Kward, as in awkward, means, well, awkward. Like the conversations your have to have with your ex-hole who, as you may be able to guess, is your ex asshole of a husband, boyfriend, or other ex you just can no longer stand. Why is life so full of kward conversations with ex-holes? Maybe what you feel when you are around your ex-hole is a douchechill which overcomes anyone in the presence of someone who is such a massive FAIL at life the they make everyone uncomfortable.

I'm going to shut up now, before I create a douchechill. Share your best slang in the comments, because I missed approximately 3,629,724 words.

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