Panic! Panic!

6 years ago

The admissions server at my university has been down for a week.  A WHOLE WEEK!  While I was quietly losing my mind, obsessively checking and re-checking the "Graduate Admissions" link.  And dying a little each and every time the response was "System Error".

Dying, I tell you.  Followed by something along the lines of:  I'll show YOU a freaking SYSTEM ERROR!


So, I busied myself with my crew and my day.  Getting the kids to dance class for some hip hop monster dancing, getting them home to eat curried lentil soup and practice fishing with our spoons and goldfish crackers.  Checking off items on my gorgeous (if I say so myself) little to-do list.

Look! It has checkboxes and everything!


Keeping BUSY, thus limiting obsessive-school-server-checks to maybe a dozen a day.  As opposed to a thousand, for example.  (Not that I would actually ever click a link a thousand times... I mean, not in one sitting....)

But then, with three minutes remaining in Quiet Time for my 6-man crew, I decided to check that link one more time....

And it worked.  WOOT!!!

Once my crew went home, and the kids had supper, and Mike shuttled me back and forth to the torture chamber my physiotherapy appointment, I clicked that link again.  Said a little prayer to whatever god governs those blessed geeks in IT support, and got myself registered.

And you know?  It wasn't actually really real until after I had reviewed my admission fees, chosen my first course and pressed the "confirm payment" button.  Like how neither of my children seemed like actual people until I saw their little faces on the 3D ultra-sound and thought, Holy shit!  I'm your MOTHER!  (Yes, people, I am that classy.)  I sat for a minute, staring at the digital receipt, while my kids partied it up in the bathtub and Mike simultaneously supervised them and the hockey game (Go, Oilers!).

Holy shit!  I'm a STUDENT!

Let us hope that birthing this degree is significantly less painful.

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