Pacifism And Supporting Our Troops

7 years ago
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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

I was pretty much raised as a pacifist. I knew that should I ever have a baby boy I would, as soon as possible, register him as a conscientious objector.

It was the age of non-violence. Go to jail rather than fight in a war. Especially if the war was wrong. And, what war wasn't. All wars have been based on greed and/or creed, as much as I can figure anyway. Many of the recent ones were sold to the people with lies.

And yet...the big "thing" today is to remember our veterans, support our troops, recognize and acknowledge what our veterans have fought and died for, even when they have fought and died for the wrong reason.

As a pacifist can I support our troops and veterans...our warriors?

Yes, I believe I can. And, I do. They went as they were told: fighting for our freedom, our country, our honor, our safety, and our children's children. They fought for all that, despite the wrong calling they answered.

The good they thought they were doing is not forgotten.

Thank you for your service.