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4 years ago

Women were left out of the many initial phases of creating the framework for this country (and perhaps many others). The Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written completely without our input and by the time we were granted the right to vote we were only voting within a system that already dishonored us. This is similar to allowing blacks to vote on different laws within a slavery system. We were voting withing a system we did not agree with or approve of; one we never would have created! And over a century later we still are! Very little has changed in how our government works and the basics of the military, “judiciary” system, “health-care” system, agriculture and what were called checks and balances. Somehow women checking over things and the balance of gender in decision making roles was completely overlooked.


Since women have a natural instinct and purpose to birth and care for children, and men weren't doing it, we stayed home and were homemakers, creating and nurturing boys and girls, and providing a backbone for men while the laws were made without us. The only apparent option now for true change is to start systems on the side, in the shadows of counter-culture. The old white-man-created government system is too established and has its roots in male (and white) supremacy, disregard and disrespect for women. Otherwise we would have been front and center in those chats from the very beginning, and we'd have a very different world. A much better one. A world without war (if women were at the helm of decision making in all nations). A world where health care heals and connects us with nature and other people, a world of kindness, nurturance, gentleness and compassion where we live from the heart closely and harmoniously with the earth.


Instead we have a man-made world of chemical warfare, chemical “health-care,” violence and violence to counteract violence, a punitive legal system that doesn't rehabilitate or heal people, government subsidized GMO agriculture and schools that teach mostly white mans “history” (mythology), mostly white mans literature, and have cut funding for arts. These decisions all reflect lack of women in the conversation from the very beginning (and up until today).


For a large part we don't question it. We don't rebel all that much. We fought for our right to vote but did we realize we were and are voting in a system we were already fundamentally excluded from, and one we disagreed with? Most high minded “liberal democrats” these days, male or female, feel they are voting for the lesser of 2 evils in each election. That is what women are doing in almost every area of life as it relates to the larger systems in place. Yes, we have moments of the freedom we have fought for, where we can enjoy a beautiful day and spend loving time with our community, dressed as we please and choosing our own partners and activities. Still, if you look more closely at the decisions that have been made such as the shapes and colors of things (square and dull), how things are grown (in mass with chemicals), how products are distributed (globally more than locally in excess), laws around selling of food (commercial kitchen and license are required making it impossible without start up money), they are man-made not woman-made.


Something I've seen in women, myself included (myself especially), is many of us have lost the confidence to make decisions or envision things for the larger society. The ones we have made and tried to execute have been ridiculed, shot down, not allowed the time they needed for fruition, or simply not funded or supported. Ignored. We've been taught that we aren't capable of making big or important decisions (unless we have been very well trained in the men's system), that our ideas are silly, childish, irrational, unrealistic, impossible, futile, idealistic, witchy, new-agey, unlikely to work-in a word we've been dismissed so many times we don't try anymore. We continue to take care of men, and our children, who are also their children, enabling this paradigm to continue, primarily because we are child-bearers. All these women with fabulous, ingenious ideas, tell themselves they aren't even worthy in this he-world.

All of this is changing though. All these magic seeds of ideas that have been brewing in women for centuries about how to live in peace, love and harmony with the earth and all beings are popping up. They've been stifled but not lost. We've kept them growing in planter pots in the backs of our closets, we've written journal after journal about them, we've confided in our best women friends and told them our real beliefs, our actual fantasies (not just about men but for the world at large!).

I believe if all the journals of women, dead and alive, were brought forth, we'd have a goldmine. We'd be able to create millions of new history books to teach our children with. We'd heal the world. I declare 2013 the year of the women's journal being brought forth, the year where women gather in groups to share their journals and I'd like to see a museum of the women's journal. I've have this idea for 10 or 15 years (wrote about it in my journal) and at first I saw it as a small school house but now I see it as the largest library in the world. Better yet, one in every town, everywhere. We've written these journals for so long for a reason. We knew we were destined to be heard.

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