Our Next Adventure

4 years ago

Holy schnitzel, we're headed to Germany!


What I picture when I think of Germany


You may be scratching your head, trying to figure out how Germany fits in. After all, Brad's research is on Indonesian languages, so at first glance, it would seem like a five month stint in Germany would make little sense as a place for him to start writing his dissertation about a language in Indonesia. But when Brad was invited to begin his dissertation at this particular research institute...well, we didn't see a reason to say no. Instead, we agreed it was an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity. Neither of us have been to Germany, let alone Europe, and it seems that now is the perfect time!


I heart sauerkraut


And so here we are, just a couple of weeks away from our next adventure! I have had the butterflies-in-the- stomach sensation for the past few days, and I think it is because it's finally sinking in that we are really doing this. I think I'm experiencing a combination of excitement (what are we getting into?) and fear of the unknown (no really, what are we getting into?).


Critical Information


We've been making some library trips to get some books and resources on Germany, and have been online looking into our particular city where we'll be living. I recently watched some youtube videos of the Christmas market that happens downtown every year and found myself getting into the Christmas spirit a little early. Our new city's historic buildings, musical history, and botanical garden right across from where we will be living are all awaking the explorer in me. I can't wait to discover all these new things alongside Brad and Mabel.

Germany means much more to me than just a new adventure. The personal history is also a large part of my excitement. My grandparents came to the States from Germany when my mom was only 6 years old, which means I have German in my blood, and I have a whole lot of family who live in Germany that I've never met.  I am excited to meet relatives, learn more about my history, and gain more appreciation for my mother's motherland. :)

The question of every day living, though, is still causing some trepidation. Where will our closest grocery store be located? What awkward language situations will I get myself into? How do I navigate the public transportation? And the list goes on...

Luckily, I've done this thing before, and I know it all usually works out okay in the end. There will undoubtably be some cultural mishaps and miscommunication to keep it all very exciting, but all the day to day living questions will be worked out eventually.


The tram system looks like it should be a cinch


Two weeks from today we hop on the plane and head to our next temporary home...posts about packing and saying goodbye surely to come soon!


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