Our 9/11 Stories: Share Your Posts About September 11, 2001

5 years ago

Editor's note: Last year, we called for you to share your posts on the events of September 11, 2001. More than 200 bloggers responded. We're honoring this tradition again this year, and invite you to read these bloggers' stories and contribute your own. -- Julie

We've seen a LOT of stories in the media about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93. We've also seen, and maybe felt, that many of us are sick of the story in the media.

But guess what: We ARE the media. And I've been doing a lot of looking back at some of our stories of 9/11 and its impact on our lives in the 21st century -- the same span of time that we all began sharing our own thoughts, stories, and brilliant opinions in social media.

History is story. Story is what we bloggers do best. Let's make a document of our tellings of September 11, 2001.

(©) Copyright 2005 by Bryan Smith/ZUMAPRESS

I really love this post on The Bobby Pin called "My Generation."

I’ve been open-minded to full body scanners, pat-downs, and profiling. Mine is the generation that never thought of these security changes as temporary. Last week, as some people talked about “getting our travel lives back,” I have to admit, I am simply accustomed to it.

And this one by Jennster on the anniversary:

and no, i can't believe it's been 10 years. i can't believe that much time has passed. it should be enough time to at least watch tv shows on the subject and not burst into tears, right? 10 years should be enough time to talk about the day without your eyes welling up, right?

And that's just the beginning. We want YOUR stories. Leave your links to posts you've written -- whether they're personal anecdotes, like the amazing post from 2009 by Maria Niles about how she eyewitnessed and volunteered (and there a lots of great links in there, too). Or commentary, like the two incisive posts from last year by Sabrina Enayatulla (Park 51: On Building a Mosque Near Ground Zero) and Professor Kim Pearson (Be a Better Blogger: What's Going on in the "Mosque at Ground Zero" Controversy). Or ways you and your loved ones mark and teach the day, like the bloggers last year who honored 9/11 as a day of service and remembrance.

I've started with posts by BlogHer.com members and editors, and mostly just from this year (search "September 11" on BlogHer to read even more). I'll be leaving this story on the BlogHer homepage all weekend and into next week, and will be updating it to add your posts to the list. We invite you to share posts you wrote any time during the past 10 years, and posts you write this weekend.

Manhattan, New York: Family members of victims of the attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993 look over and use the interactive "In Memoriam" exhibition, is dedicated to commemorating the loves of the 2,983 people killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 201 and February 26, 1993. The exhibition, in preview, is hosted by Voices of September 11th as part of its Annual Day of Remembrance Forum. (Image: © Bryan Smith/ZUMAPRESS.com)

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Your turn: Leave a comment with a link to your post/posts. Let's tell this story together.

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