Opening a girl's world, oh....and Ricki Lake with Dr. Drew.

6 years ago
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I got to be on Ricki Lake!


First some more pictures.  After a lot of back and forth, I was going to go out to L.A. by myself.  No way I would have survived it.  So, I am actually glad that I pulled my daughter out of school when I did.  Not only was this good for her, it was good for me.  I was so nervous on this day, that I thought I was going to die. It really helped having her there.


Anyway, the real post is after these pictures.  I can't get this to look very professional, but someday I'll have the hang of this blog deal.  Until then, bare with my amature photo posts.  



So, I took my kid on the train and we went to L.A.


In the studio car lot.  So exciting!





And hair.



Her outfit


My outfit.  They made me wear panty-hose.

My dear friend Maggie pointed out that I looked like Nancy Grace. 

Exactly what I strive for each day.

Anyway, I got to meet Dr. Drew.  Big deal for a star struck girl.

My beautiful daughter got to be with me.  



Okay, so I think I signed something that says I can't talk about the Ricki Lake show until after it airs. I am not even super sure about that, I just think maybe I did. They said it was going to air on Novemeber 13th.  So check your local Fox listings and see if you can catch it.  Otherwise, I am sure I'll be able to post a link after it airs.  


I think it went okay. I don't really remember much of it.  A black-out caused by nerves, I suppose.


What I do remember is this:  After my segments were over, I was sat in the audience.  It wasn't explained to me (or maybe it was and I didn't listen) that when Ricki is questioning the folks on the stage (there were a lot of different people and the show moves fast!) my head was most likely in the shot, because of where I was sitting.


Not only can I not keep quiet, but I can't sit still either.  A problem for me in many areas of my life.  So, I was fixing my shirt, adjusting my cleavage, pulling down my skirt to cover the Spanx (which, by the way, fucking miracle product) and most likely making creepy faces, looking around and plain looking awkward.


I know this because my daughter was watching from a monitor and told me my huge head was in the shot. I taught her to be honest, damn it. I am guessing because of my creepy behavior, they will edit those parts out.  Or should I say, (and you know I don't really pray) I'm praying they do.


I believe the episode is a good one.  I can say that I feel great about doing it.  Not only because it is part of my recovery, but I got to spend so much good time with my daughter.  We really had a blast. Everyone was really nice, and it was an experience that doesn't come around all of the time. I always like to learn new things and how they run a talk show is interesting.


 And after it airs, I'm counting on you people to lie to me and tell me I did great.  I'm serious. Lie, lie, lie.


The very best part of the trip is this:  At at time when my girl's world seemed to be closing in on her, we got to see that the world is big.  There are other things available other than a school system that doesn't fit her.  Other people and friendships she hasn't even made yet.  There are beautiful, artistic, crazy, serious, hard working, no working, different kinds of people out there, outside of our town.  Beautiful places to visit, lots of choices on where to go and what to be.  And with that, with a little time, and also one day at a time, she can get through this.  The world will be there.


I didn't have a chance to get a picture with Ricki, herself.  Those folks are some hard working people.  Like nonstop!  It is exhausting to watch.  But I feel grateful I had the chance and would be happy to do it again.





Betsey DeGree

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