An Open Letter to Editors

21 days ago

Dear Editors,

When you got into the writing career field you looked at it as a job opportunity right? No one goes to college and bumps into a career with the idea that they are going to work for free. Lets be serious here! We all have bills to pay, especially in this economy.

Bloggers are no different. While there are a lot of us that may offer our content for free – there are many that charge for our time. Our writing is our baby, we are not just going to give it away to the first well worded editor on the other side of an email no matter who you are or what you would like to use it for.

A couple weeks ago I was contacted about a position being the lead parenting writer for this popular parenting website I had yet to hear of. When I replied to inquire more about the full time position which would have taken a large portion of my day I was shocked at what I heard on the other end.

No monetary compensation? Um… working for free. A full time job, and by full time this is something that may or may not have taken 40 or more hours a week to complete properly. No money. Nothing.

The barter? Promotion for your own website. Um… I haven’t bartered for self promotion in say… nearly two years, when I wrote a blog for a local newspaper. I did my time, I wrote for free for years. I struggled to get to the point where I am now – where I could send an editor a reply with my rate or how much a post costs.

Sure there are a lot of writers out there who will write for free and I am willing to bet they are where I was two years ago. But there is a problem with this too.
The people who will write for free are undercutting all of our worth. Sure I did it years ago, but I had never looked at it in that way. I never though years from then I would actually be making a full time income off my blog ramblings.

Freelance writer doesn’t mean will write for free, it means we do not work for one specific company only. We are not employees, we are our own boss.
We value ourselves.

And if you are still writing for free – you should value yourself also!

If you don’t place a value on your time and material – you may never get to a point where you make money no matter how hard you try. Maybe by then there will be so many working for free that even the paid gigs dry up?

It really is a huge trickle effect.

Over all – editors – when you are e-mailing someone about a guest blog, or an actual writing position please research and know what and who you are dealing with. And I don’t just say this from my own experience, but the experiences of two other bloggers – today alone that got letters begging them to make an exception and write for free.


Over-worked & Under-paid

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