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8 years ago

I graduated from college into a recession and, unable to find work, I turned to temping. My first assignment was two weeks of filing. When I finished the task in two-and-a-half days my boss said, "Maria, you're wicked smart" and he set about to find a way to keep me on.

The3Six5 is an ambitious project created by bloggers Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman. Their idea was "to get 365 different authors to write 365 posts in 2010 on life, love, personal reflections and insights into day itself (as well as headlines defining the day)" as Joseph Jaffe describes on his blog, Jaffe Juice.

"Wicked smart" was one of my boss's colloquialisms from growing up in an east coast mafia-run neighborhood. His father owned a bakery and paid protection money and his wedding tuxedo had "fallen off a truck." After running a few small errands for mobsters, my boss had come to California to escape their inexorable pull.

His stories were, as they say, colorful. I often told him he should turn his life into a movie because it sounded like scenes cut from Goodfellas.

The creators call the3six5 "a crowdsourced journal of 2010." The list of authors is almost full though there appear to be a few spots left towards the end of the year. But even if you don't apply for this project, perhaps it can inspire you.

Most days we ate lunch at a local Italian restaurant. The owners were from Rome and their food was truly authentic, homestyle and cooked full of love. They treated my boss like an adopted son and, by extension, I was welcomed into the family. Our frequent lunches led to rumors that we were dating. So much so that the co-worker I actually was dating was told point-blank that he couldn't possibly be seeing me as I was too busy as my boss's mistress.

Could you write a life story every day for a year? Could you find a story to share? Could you find 365 stories? One of the most fascinating things in life is that everybody has a story. Everyone has a story worth hearing, worth enjoying, and good enough to turn into a movie.

My boss's wife had a degenerative illness. As she grew less capable of independence she clung to him tighter. The closer she tried to hold him the harder he tried to escape into a bottle. I eventually left to go to graduate school. The last I heard of my boss he had survived divorce and rehab and still had his job, still ate at the same restaurant and was living with a nice young woman he met there.

Do you tell stories of life? How do you share them? Does the3six5 project give you any ideas?

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LK/DH: We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how personal these posts have been. Often when it comes to blogging, people write about their observations of the outside, or what they suggest OTHER people should do. We encouraged our authors (listed here) to examine themselves on their day and share something that would let the reader walk away knowing a bit more about who THEY were. This is something we feel is lacking in today’s world of “social media” and are happy to see our writers are stepping outside of their comfort zone while they have the spotlight.

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If I could choose a date to write about, I’d choose my 36th birthday – June 2nd 2010. I am very liberal, a pantheist with particular interests in evolution, biology, the natural world, time, ecology, concerns about population explosion and you can read more about me at I realise this is not a paid writing opportunity – but I see the opportunities involvement could bring.

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My first thought on coming across the project was, 'I've got to be part of this!' But first I had to convince Len Kendall about the 'unique perspective I could bring to this compilation'. I wrote that I looked forward to sharing about 'life in a city with the world's tallest building, richest horse race and the largest pair of chopsticks (22 ft., as recorded by Guinness Records!)'.

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