One of My Biggest Pet Peeves: Fake People in Religious/Spiritual Gatherings

4 years ago

Just another thing good-old-annoying Kerry cannot stand: fake people when it comes to God.


I know you probably have many questions..."Kerry, aren't you a feminist? Doesn't that mean you think the Bible is sexist?" Or "Why aren't you following Jesus and accepting everyone?"

Okay, first of all, I am a devout feminist, but I am also a devout Christian. I know that, for example, someone like Paul the Apostale was maybe a little sexist, homophobic, patriarchal, ect., but I also know that it was a very, very long time ago when he lived. As always, since I do believe passionately in our Constitution of the United States, it applies in every way that I think--even about something in the Bible.

  In other words, I still follow my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ despite what Paul the Apostale may have said or who is running all of the Christian churches in the world. Besides, there is sexism in many different forms of religion--Judaism, Islam, even Hinduism, just to name a few--so Christians are certainly not meant to be accused on the ones being the "most misogynist" as many "for women's rights" atheistic liberals (keep in mind they're not really for anyone's rights, they just want your money) try to prove.

  Besides, according to the Bible, Jesus had dinner with the "whores" and the "tax collectors". He accepted everyone for who they were. And I believe in His human form He would have accepted me as a feminist and He still loves me know.

  But I'm not perfect like Jesus. So, to answer you're second question, for all who were wondering: I cannot do it. I cannot accept everyone. Hence the reason I got very upset last night at my last YoungLife meeting of the year where tons of no-good kids showed up , and, in my perspective, "stole the attention" of those who actually come to YoungLife and are Christians--let alone believe in God to begin with--and who I thought were my friends. Call my psychologically damaged, but I could not STAND these kids who binge drink, binge with drugs, and binge with sex. They were not Christians, and they had no faith in God. They did not read the Bible, and they did not deserve to be around any of these kids who usually came to YoungLife.

Call me crazy, but I can't be perfect like Jesus Christ.



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