One Of The Easiest Businesses You Can Start From Home

10 days ago

31% of surveyed Americans who currently work remotely are doing so for longer periods of time during the working week, according to a Gallup report (New York Times 2017) and the numbers of those choosing to work in this way is rising too. It is thought that this is primarily due to a shift in attitude towards work and lifestyle.

Not so long ago the dream for many college leavers was to get a good job, get a home and have a family and own all the material trimmings that come with that, but currently economic shifts in wealth make owning a traditional home with all of the trimmings impossible for many and so the shift towards lifestyle living has become more desirable.

Coincidentally over here in the UK small business start-ups are booming too (The Telegraph 2016), partly due to Government initiatives created in our times of austerity. One of the areas that is seeing a real increase in growth is the creative business, showing that many people here are also shifting traditional career ideas to more positive lifestyle choices and daring to dream bigger.

What has been pivotal in this shift worldwide is the draw of the internet, where it has made self-employment so much easier. What’s even more interesting is that this is not just a boom for the millennial generation! I have been working online for over 11 years now and at just over 40 I can tell you that it has meant a totally different reality to what I expected even as a university leaver in 2000. But it’s been a reality that has enriched my life in ways that I think far out strips the office job I used to do and the prospects I had for what was then seen as a successful life.

I work hard during the week at my own business, on my terms, and earning money my way is very liberating. My being able to do this fairly remotely from traditional work spaces means that I can live almost anywhere in the world too! So I don’t choose to be tied down with mortgages, loans and credit cards like my counterparts a generation before me. Instead I choose to open myself up to dreams I dare not have dreamed previously… like if I wanted to, right now I could actually start to plan living in a different country and take my business with me… the world is much more open to me, and my possibilities feel so much bigger than they did before.

Craft businesses are easier to start than you think

There are many ways to earn a living online, but there is no doubt in my mind that the growth of creative businesses in particular is on the rise because they are an extension of the idea of lifestyle living. Putting you first and work second - A way to exist and get paid to work, rather than working to get paid so you can exist!

I chose to start a craft business because they are fairly easy to start. They need minimal capital funds and for the most part you can work from home, where ever home is. There is also a great deal of choice in what your craft business model looks like, so it’s not only an easy business to start, but one that you can tailor to your lifestyle.

Having worked in this industry for 11 years, I have learnt a lot about how to set up a craft business with the foundation strategies and planning that most will ignore. So if you are interested in exploring your business then come take a look at my free guide.

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