One Dog Short of a Six Pack

I'm a dog person. A shih tzu person. They are like potato chips, you can't just have one little fuzzy monkey faced dog. Two is plenty though, trust me. Once you hit three, it's kind of like hoarding, but not really. Well not unless you hit 12, which I did once when we were doing rescue.

If you are a dog, you want to live here. We feed each pup a little tin of wet food for breakfast, and they free feed all day. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but I've not been shih tzuless for 26 years. It all started when my kids were little and I wanted a family dog that would fit our lifestyle. I spent a lot of time researching breeds that we were interested in, and checking them off my list if I knew they were going to be more than we could handle.
So we settled on shih tzu, and I found my little black and white girl Abby and brought her into the family. Then like I said, they are like chips, and she needed a buddy so we got Buster. I named the first four in alphabetical order. Candy was the third, and Duffy was the fourth Frey shih tzu. When we divorced, we split the dogs, (which was extremely difficult may I mention) and he kept Candy and Buster and I took Abby and Duffy. Duffy died at 16 years, Abby was 17 years. Candy and Buster both lived 16 years.
It took not one but two puppies to get me over the loss of Abby. Seriously I cried and cried, and looking at pictures of her still breaks my heart that she was with me such a short time. Hubby took me to meet Ted E. Bear who is a shih tzu/bichon/yorkie mix. Choey, the youngest was a surprise a few years ago, she's a darling black and white girl that hubby found for me for Christmas. Because Abby was black and white and he thought that would make me miss her less, and she does.


Let me tell you 4 dogs is plenty, no matter how big they are. Turbo refuses to be respectful in the house and marks EVERYWHERE so he is usually in a diaper. Holly goes through spurts. She'll be really good for a while then revert back to tinkling in the house. So she wears diapers half the time. The younger dogs are good unless they are sick, but you know how that goes if you have a dog.
Hubby and I decided that we are reducing the pack. 4 is plenty. It's hard to travel when you have to board 4 dogs! Luckily we have a sweet couple who just happen to be my son in law's sister and her hubby that come and house/dogsit when we go away. Back to reducing, I know that sounds morbid so let me explain. We are 55 (well I'm 56 now) and we love to travel and 2 dogs would be plenty. Heck one dog would be plenty, but Ted E and Choey are going to be around for a while. But when Turbo and Holly pass, they aren't getting replaced.
So how did we end up with 5 dogs? Well… daughter 2 (younger that's why daughter 2) and son in law decided they wanted to be dog parents. Like right now. I got a text from her in the morning saying "we want a dog" to which I replied "you travel too much" and then a text later in the day "we got him" along with a photo. His birthday present. That was the extent of my trying to talk them out of it because you know when people make up their mind to get a pet, you really can't talk sense into them.
And boy are puppies work. Shih tzu pups are constantly under your feet, and that pretty much never changes. You can't go into another room without them unless you shut the door and you can't shut the door on a shih tzu, they don't get their name for nothing!
So yea, we are guilty for not trying to talk them out of it and not entirely surprised after three nights getting the word that it "just wasn't working out" and we jumped into rescue mode. I'm not even gonna blame hubby, although Phillip is his dog. When we realized they were serious, we told them we'd take him. We didn't want him in the pound, although he would have gotten adopted right away because he's so darn cute.


But he's naughty let me tell you. And I will. In another post.
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