Once Upon A Time!

4 years ago

Once Upon a time there was a little girl that lived in a little Mid Western city in the early 1970′s. She had brown eyes and brown hair which covered her round little face. Like all little kids she loved Christmas time.  Of course, in her young childhood years she only remembers ever saying and hearing the phrase “Merry Christmas!”    As a child she had no idea if this caused anyone stress? She sure hopes it did not! This little girl just remembers happy people shopping,looking at decorations and enjoying what we now call “The Holiday Season!” What little kids should remember :)

This little girl loved Christmas, hopefully, like all little children.  Memories flood her mind about Christmas.  This little girl’s mom decorated the house with Andy Williams singing Christmas songs in the background. Therefore, anytime this ‘little girl’ today, hears an Andy Williams Christmas tune she is transported back to 1975!!  She remembers her mother hanging the bulbs with the beautiful red satin sashes in the front window!  She would watch her mom center the pretty, long, red, satin sash with the bulb hanging at the end, in the middle of the front window located in the living room. Then, continue to watch as her mother made sure the rest fanned and balanced out perfectly in a descending manner.  Such a simple,elegant design in her child’s mind!! Yes, little girls think things are elegant.  They start young lol.

Of course once the house was trimmed with Christmas decorations the begging began!! Oh, how the little girl begged and begged to see Santa.  She always had her list ready to go.  Visits to Santa were major events.  The little girl dressed up in her finest dress and her black patent leather shoes. In those days they dressed up for exciting things!!  On many,many occasions she was joined by her favorite four cousins!!  Off to see Santa they would go AND he was on the Sixth floor of a store named Lazarus. This store was located Downtown, in the city and was much like Macy’s. They lived outside the city, in a suburb.  And, absolutely,no going to the local mall or strip center.  Nope!  Lazarus had Santa on the sixth floor and you followed a little floor map to get to him AND then when you got to the SIXTH floor it was WOW!! BAM!!! Right at the top of the escalator!! Like MAGIC.  It was decorated all the way to Santa.  It was SANTA LAND.  Red,white and green EVERYWHERE.  Candy canes,suckers,elves,sleds,reindeer and all things that say SANTA! Oh, and a talking tree.  Not sure why but they loved the talking tree!! Oh, because it was a TALKING TREE, how cool is that? All things that shout ‘come in KIDS’! The scene made one feel like ‘LIFE IS SO DANG GOOD!!!’ The magic one waits to see all year!

Now,the little girl knew no Christmas was complete without another trip to ‘the city’. This one was determined by her father. He always drove them downtown at night to see all the lights and decorations.  She couldn’t wait for the drive downtown and the special last stop of the drive!!  Oh, the anticipation.  The constant, “Dad, when are we going ‘light seeing’?”  and she was deflated many times with, “Not tonight, we want to wait until it is a little closer to Christmas.  It is more fun that way.”  This little girl, now appreciates her father teaching her to wait, not rush it, do things slow and closer to Christmas. Kind of makes her wonder about all those parents who have done EVERYTHING already.  A little sad, it is only December 4th?   Anyway,eventually, the ‘going downtown to see the lights’ arrived! What a simple thing to do and yet this little girl could not wait for it every.single.year!  The little girl and her family listened to Christmas music as they drove around staring at lights. The stores had all their windows decorated.  The little girl’s Dad would park;they would walk the sidewalks. The little girl would stare into the windows.  The scenes were of Santa, the Nutcracker or GASP a Nativity scene.  The stores went all out!  Their windows sparkled,had fake snow and that wonderful look of fog on the window.  In addition,many had ice skating and sledding scenes too.  Magical to this little girl’s eyes.  Her father would let them linger and get cold AND then he would say, “time to go.” Off to the last stop.  It was a little farther outside the downtown area but everyone took the time stop.  It was an Insurance Company and they had the BIG DISPLAY.  It was a large Nativity Scene with music and telling the biblical  story of Jesus’ birth.  People lined up to see it and take pictures.  Funny, the store windows and lights were gorgeous but this was the highlight.  The little girl remembered as a kid she couldn’t wait to see it every year.  The Insurance Company did a lovely job.  It was solemn and not gawdy.  The little girl even understood.  It was soft lighting and the music was low.  People came but no one was too loud.  It was a different kind of magic.  Then, they climbed in the car and her Dad would stop and get them some kind of treat as they headed home!

And before you knew it the little girl was waking up on Christmas Day!

What years were your childhood Christmas years? Please,pretty please, Share a memory!

I can’t thank Time Out for Mom for this lovely Tuesday Chat and having me go down memory lane :)

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