Sochi 2014: 6 Olympics Party Ideas

4 years ago

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are almost here, and it is time to celebrate this world-wide event and learn at the same time. Having a party, no matter how big or small, can be really fun for the entire family. Using food, drink, decorations, and your own games can teach the entire family about the Olympics, sporting events, geography, and world cultures. Let's get started!

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Using the traditional five Olympic rings logo as decoration on any food is a quick way to go. Icing that comes in small tubes is perfect to draw these on cakes and cupcakes. Using things like coconut, rice, or mashed potatoes can all mimic ice for sweet or savory dishes. Since the Olympics are in Russia, serving some traditional Russian foods like borscht, pirozhki, and blini helps you feel like you are there with the Olympians. If your party is for adults, you may also want to include some good Russian vodkas.

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Olympic Decorations

Get the entire family involved in decorating your home or party venue for the Olympics. Flags from different countries are an easy way to create a global theme. Be sure to label the flags with the name of the country so the guests can learn while having fun. The Olympic rings are another great theme. Something as simple as a paper chain with the rings being made in the colors red, blue, black, green, and yellow will add a lot of color to your room. Using plates, cups, and napkins in all of these solid colors is another simple option.

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Olympic Geography

The official Olympics website offers a section on all the countries involved in the Olympics. Find ways to incorporate world maps or globes so you can learn where these lesser known countries actually are. Along with learning about the countries that are participating, this Olympics is a great time to learn about the history and culture of Russia.

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Olympic Sports

Use the schedule to find when your favorite sports will be shown on television, but also be sure to pick out some unusual and lesser known sports. Learn about how the sports are played and reconstruct those using toys and figures you already have around the house. Encourage everyone to try variations of the sport during the party. For instance for downhill skiing you can practice the poses of being on skis with poles or for figure skating you can do sock skating on your tile or wood floors.

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Olympic Scores

You are never too old to use your math skills. Create scoring cards for all the guests to use when watching events that use scoring. Tally the scores and see how your party guest’s scores compare to the official judges' scores.

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Olympic Medals

You can buy fun medals at the store or create your own by making them as simple as out of construction paper. Award medals to your guests for the different games and activities throughout the event. Be sure to have medals for sports and non-sports related things to make everyone feel special.

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These are just a few ideas to spur your imagination to make this Olympic season more than just a TV watching session. Get involved and be an active participant while you root on your favorite countries, teams, and athletes and go for the gold!

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