Odd and Curious Thoughts, Downton Abby Edition

4 years ago

(1) I’m fairly certain that no matter what time period we’re floating around in, Miss O’Brien should not have hair curls that resemble horns.

(2) That Cora.  Always smiling with her head turned like she was just handed a newborn kitty that smelled like baby powder wrapped in a bed of roses.  I was just getting to like her in that angry, I’ll-never-forgive-you-for-killing-my-daughter way, but now we’re back to the eerie smiling.

(3) How in the world did all those people find outfits in shades of cream?  Can you not play cricket in sage or pale yellow?  It looked like a Martha Stewart wedding for crying out loud.

(4) Speaking of color, the ladies were all matchy-matchy at Sybil’s Christening, like they all went to David’s Bridal the day prior and made off with clearance bridesmaid’s dresses.  Cream for cricket, breezy lavender dresses for events at churches that involve your dead sister’s child being brought up in a way you don’t approve of.

(5) I’m so bitter that we are left with blood dribbling down Matthew’s sweet face.  But all this “I’ll love you til I die, you’re really a nice little Mary” foreshadowing business was getting a bit dull.

(6) So Molesly gets drunk and starts shrieking like a banchee, which is good fun, but don’t we all get tired of seeing him played the fool?  One of these days he’s going to rip off his clothes and he’ll have washboard abs and tattoos.  Then who’s laughing?

(7) At least Edith is working and Mary’s mothering it up and we don’t have to just watch these women’s dreadful boring days of getting up, eating, changing clothes, and eating again.  With all that sitting and eating I’m shocked they aren’t all chubby little cherubs.

(8) I like to say Lord Grantham.  It’s so prestigious and elegant.  I think I’ll start referring to my father as Lord Franklin and see if he can conjure me up a butler, some tea, and an estate worth millions.  See also: Being a Countess should get you free Starbucks

(9) Lady Rose looks like she’s taking meth or perhaps has a nonstop Red Bull habit.  Why is she always giggling?

(10)               Daisy, quit wearing that dumpy hat.  Seriously.  You’re about to own a farm and you’re young.  Pull yourself together and tease up some bangs.

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