Productive? Me? No, I'm just procrastinating with enthusiasm

3 years ago

Busy woman

I must be a super productive person. By lunch today I had migrated one website and optimized another, gotten quotes for two new projects, re-created a one-sheet from my marketing team, organized a blog commenting exchange tribe, commented on several posts by others in Facebook groups, retweeted a dozen tweets and replied to a handful of others, pinned or repinned a dozen intriguing or beautiful photos/quotes, registered for a Twitter marketing webinar, meditated on the deck in the sun, did a load of dishes, and republished a syndicated blog article I wanted to share with my readers.

Whew! Might sound like a very productive day indeed, except that not one of those things was actually on my to-do list for today!

That's right. Every bit of it was procrastination in action, just with enthusiam!

Oh, you thought procrastination required you sit around doing nothing, or at most watching TV while eating bon bons? Oh no. We're modern gals. We are 21st Century procrastinators. We have perfected the art of avoiding things we don't want to deal with by decisively establishing how busy we are ... particularly with other more important things.

The age of social media makes this an especially deep chasm to easily slip into. I mean, you could always be building your "clout," couldn't you? I saw just today (before lunch, mind you) that one professional speaker had been invited to speak at a conference, then seen the invitation withdrawn when they saw that they had so few Twitter followers! Insert any other social media platform there. They were looking for social media "reach" as a criteria for who was up to caliber with their event.

I'm not taking the side of that conference planner, but merely making the point, no matter how much you do, you can always make a realistic case for why you could productively be doing even more.  But how much of that activity is really advancing you toward your aims? Are you really making progress, or just spinning your wheels?

I'm glad I meditated today in the sun. It renewed me in mind, body and spirit. And I'm glad I finished off the website stuff, even though it really was someone else's work to do it. But I had very specific goals for today that were meant to advance me toward a very clear goal, more sales for my latest book, Micro Habits for Major Happiness. That was the plan.

I will of course get on with that now, but I now have just half a day to do what I had earmarked an entire day to do... and only even that, because I realized this pattern in myself and stopped it mid-stream.

How do you procrastinate? How do you stop yourself? Do you set goals for each day/week, or do you intend to wing it each day? How do you feel when you think about the idea of goals in your life?  How are you feeling about your progress toward your primary goals today?


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