Obamacare has me Craving Vicodin!

5 years ago

I have a question? How do you feel about Obamacare and all the Healthcare brouhaha!?! Yeah, what a question!

My head pounds,spins and hurts from all of it! I try to do my own research with limited biases. I see you laughing.

It all seems like a nice idea.  “One for all and all for one! “

Oh, and don’t get me started about those pesky health insurance companies.  Co-pays, pre-existing conditions,paper work and dictating how doctors perform care. Makes you want to smack the shit out of someone!!

Instead,Tylenol, Advil or Vicodin will have to do and at least the Pharmaceuticals are making a mint!

Anyway, my hurting head and I wonder are we just trading one nightmare for another?

I mean in our zeal,frustration and madness aren’t we making matters worse?

See, I look at the Government’s track record with things.  Not little things either.  And they already take a chunk of my hard earned dollars and I bet they take a chunk of yours too.  Oh, and as much as I wish the billionaires would pay for all of us that just isn’t right and it never really happens that way somehow someway a chunk still comes out my check, how about  you?

Anyway, back to the Government’s track record!

Our Government has managed to excuse my french, fuck up Social Security, Federal Urban Housing, and Public Education program just to name a few.  I think we all can agree Social Security is on huge,big,fat mess!! Check out the Department of Housing and Urban Development, better known as HUD.  Are you happy with their progress in solving the Poors housing problems?  Americans constantly whine,bitch and argue about our Public education and they should.  We are considered the top Country.  The Super Power but we are getting dumber by the minute and you know what happens when you lose your smarts?  You lose the top spot.  When they compared apples to apples we ranked 29 out of 41 countries in problem solving.  Our little Dickens can’t think?  I have a lot of theories on that problem and this is not the post to dissect the issue but our schools are definitely failing and the Government is scratching its head!

Therefore, as my head hurts and let me tell you it throbs! Oh, and as much as those pain in the ass Health Insurance companies drive me insane AND they do drive me bonkers, well I am not sure I want to hand over Health care to the Government?  The Government and their Departments seem to grow expediently.  My paycheck will get smaller, I have a sinking feeling the Healthcare will get more complicated and If I were to place bets my head will hurt even more.

Guess you could say as much as I love “one for all and all for one” ideal   I think it is baloney because every time the Government says they are creating a Department to EVEN the score or for ‘our own good’, well, it hasn’t worked out that way but by golly my paycheck has dwindled.  I know that sounds so shitty of me.  I suck.  I admit it. I like my paycheck to go more to me than to the Government, call me weird?

I wish we could go back to simpler times.  You paid for your services according to market value and major medical was the only thing covered by a plan or you made payments.  I think we complicated things a long, long time ago and now we are in a serious mess but I am not sure I want the Government mucking it up further!

So, convince me why I am wrong? Go…..

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