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4 years ago

Two trees stand next to each other and fused at one branch.  They symbolize human love and unbroken connection.  Is it possible to love forever and to love as "one"?

When we despair and think that is not possible to find one partner for this life time, this beautiful and simply movie--that reads like a realistic "Happily Ever After" version of our search for perfect love--shows us that it is possible to find and to choose only one love for life. Even if you struggle, sometimes the love chooses you back despite all odds.

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        Now and Forever is a reflection of our hope and journey as humans to find that perfect other and to stay with them through the darkest of times. When Min-Su finds the love of his life he is willing to do anything to keep it and to protect this love from harm; she is like-wise willing to do the same.  This is the universal story, beyond cultures, so it is real in the sense of human capacity to give oneself over to grow with another person; love must be willing to protect you at all cost.  Love of genuine concern can grow so deep, it is even possible to choose one person through the dying process, while learning to live life fully with them; in the end the most beautiful words is never "why" we must let go, but a simply "thank you for loving me". 


Min-Su is a typical playboy and independent company man who cares about himself first, his company second and then his best-friend.  He falls in love with Hye-Won, a fire-ball and live wire girl, who causes trouble at the hospital and is in the psychiatric ward section of the hospital.  Lucky for Min-Su Hye-Won's not actually crazy by hospital standards; she simply an unruly girl who wants to live life fully.  After falling in love with Hye-Won, Min-Su finds out that she is dying.  The problem is he doesn't realize he is also dying and neither does she at first. He's afraid to loose her, but she's afraid to let him hold on to something that must eventually separate by time. 

The story is a little slow (Korean Drama's sometimes are) but short, and reveals the capacity of the human-being to love devotedly, fight for what they want and endure until the very end.

Do we dare to love that much without separating during the pain and the unknown ending?   What if we realized that life is short, and the only life lived fully is one that is complete with a companion for the short journey? 

This movie is not about sex, marriage and a drama free life.  It is a "feel good" movie about letting someone get close enough to you to miss them, holding to deep friendship, helping each other attain a personal goal (that may mean 5 extra minutes on their life on earth), and the willingness to accept the love and stay with the person even in the unknown moments.  I know there's a lot of problems in many people's lives, but in sharing a snap shot of this realistic movie, I hope you will be open enough to let yourself be inspired by the small things that bring us hope--friendship, a hug and maybe another 5 minutes with someone you miss.  If you can't find anything to be inspired about then watch the movie and allow it to place new hope in your mind so that you will be open when the perfect friendship comes into your life.


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