Notes on a Waiting Room

4 years ago

Today I spent a decent portion of my morning in the waiting room of a lab at a medical facility.  Typically when I need such services, I go in the afternoon but today I was feeling especially energetic and decided to bravely take care of business this morning.  The waiting room was busier than I'd ever seen it.  Nearly every chair held the rear end of a patient or loved one waiting with them.  I signed in, sat down, and settled in for what was likely to be a bit of a wait.  

Before long, conversations cropped up throughout the room and no one was particularly discreet when discussing their business.  The girl next to me (Brenda) lived closer to another medical facility but refused to utilize it because her father had passed away there. (Dr. Brown, the neurologist there who may or may not be retired, is "lousy".  Steer clear of him).  Coincidentally, she had a good friend in the ICU at that particular hospital.  He was 33 and had been in a diabetic coma for weeks, just now coming around but struggling with serious stomach issues.  She had voluminous hair, Silver jeans, and a bubbly personality and wanted to know what number I was on the check-in list, hoping her wait wouldn't be much longer.  (It wasn't).

An elderly couple (he's 75) sat across the room.  His accessory was a cane with a blue camoflauge type design.  Her accessory was a very stern look on her face that she directed repeatedly at her husband.  She spoke to him very loudly several times and he seemed oblivious though her face was barely inches from his ear.  Finally, she shouted, "Answer me!"  He heard that and when she loudly repeated her questions, he answered.  Her response was, "See?  There are benefits of putting your hearing aid in.  You're just like your mother."  One wonders if he deliberately left it out this morning.  Certainly, it must be frustrating for her but if I ever speak that harshly to my husband, someone should slap me.  Hard.  He was there to get his blood drawn for a CAT scan he will be having this afternoon.  She announced that when his name was called for his blood work that she'd go get the car and pull it up.  As soon as she left, we all learned that he couldn't have his labs done there and he'd have to go to the facility performing the CAT scan so they could get the results immediately.  I'd hate to hear the one-sided conversation that would surely take place in their car when she learned this information.

My name was soon called.  The wait wasn't terrible.  It gave me time to relax, send a couple emails, and just listen.  After I was done, I headed to the lobby to leave and heard the best quote of the day on my way out.  A 50-something male patient told the 70-plus gal at the desk that it was nice talking to her.  Her response was golden as she smiled and exclaimed, "That's like a bouquet from Jesus!"Featured on

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