Nostalgic Middle of the Night Moments

6 years ago
I started this blog from my android phone at 3 o clock in the morning which promises many errors and little lucidity. That said, I really don't have a subject that I want to expound on other than random thoughts.  It seemed more conducive to write rather than stare up at my pitch black bedroom ceiling. I've always hated the dark.

So I chose to write rather than let the dark and my imagination work hand in hand to create images I'd rather avoid. And yet...the best stories sometimes come from the dark. The Redemption story itself started in a dream. The only character to occupy this REM cycle was Marcas. The rest were created later, but who wouldn't want to dream about Marcas anyway...unless you're a Conor fan. Which I whole-heartedly am. Marcas and Conor confound me. Both are incredible characters in their own way. And Conor will make a much stroonger appearance in the coming novels.

But, tonight, I lay here not thinking about the Redemption series but another story. One I've been playing around with for a while, and one I hope to put to paper before too much longer. I've also considered using my blog to write little stories for free that the reader can become involved in. But that may come later. Redemption has me pretty much under it's thumb at the present time. If you are a reader who likes the idea of a story page at, however, please let me know. Blogging is a new endeavor for me, and I'm still working out a way to really make the page stand out with designs and headers.

Now, for my random thoughts. Believe it or not, they are actually boring thoughts. The how many loads of laundry and how many cups of coffee can I go through kind. Boring right? Also, my sister and I are thinking about putting together a bonfire and a hay ride for Halloween this year. I love moments like those. And Mississippi, though small and sometimes considered behind the times, is a nice place to hold one. The night, the stars, the smell of burning logs and charred marshmellows, and the sound of laughter is priceless. And the storytelling...who doesn't enjoy making up ghost stories. Most of my childhood was spent making up stories until I learned to put pen to paper.

I wasn't a confident writer as a child, always believing that there were people out there better than me. I threw most everything I wrote away. It was a pastime meant only for my eyes or my twin sister's ears. Never beyond that. It wasn't until I was older that I learned my mother was pulling everything I wrote out of the trash. Later, I was going through her hope chest when I was in high school, and I found the wrinkled pieces of paper, the stained and smudged stories written on anything I had available at the time. And I looked at my mother.

"Why?" I asked her as I held the papers up. Mom was quiet a moment. My mother, I will note now, was a high school drop out. This was not because she wasn't smart but because life was hard for her as a child. She later went back to get her GED. She didn't consider herself a wordsmith, but to me she was and still is the wisest woman I have ever known. Life taught her. And she ran with that.

"Why?" I asked her that day. She stood up and walked over to me, taking the sheets of paper from my hands lovingly. She smoothed each sheet out with an affection I didn't understand then. I do now.

"Because," she answered. "What you considered trash, I considered genius."

It has been my motto for life ever since. In January of 2005, my mother, my best friend, passed away unexpectedly. I still remember the small Mississippi graveyard vividly, the smells of too sweet flowers, almost choking in the chilly air. That day, I laid a final letter to her on that grave. She still lives on in me, in those words she shared so many years ago.

Ah, how staring up at a ceiling in the middle of the night can bring such nostalgia. I fell asleep while writing this blog and woke up at 6 to finish it. It's Tuesday now. Not much planned today. A trip to the coffee shop, an art lesson, and cooking is about the only thing on my agenda. I have a sudden desire to watch the movie the Princess Bride so I may pop that in as well.

And then there's the writing. So much planned for that. And the advertising. I can't say I fully enjoy advertising a self-published book, but I am learning where to go and how to do it a little more each day. And then there is the music. I just couldn't live without it. I discovered Monster by Paramour while writing the first book. Good stuff. Also on my "Redemption" soundtrack is Better than Me by Hinder, just about everything from Evanescence (always have been a fan of her, and I love the tone her music sets for the first book), The Immortals by Kings of Leon, Pink (who is such a perfect artist to listen to when writing kick butt girl moments:)) and so much more...well, I think I have babbled enough for this one morning;). Tata for now. Big hugs to all!

R.K. Ryals

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