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3 years ago

2013 brought about a lot of newness. I moved back to San Francisco from Beijing, married a tall, man version of me — a friend of 12 years — and we are now expecting a son next month. It's all quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I had no idea what pregnancy would entail. It's more than a positive stick test, morning sickness, big belly then baby. There's a whole narrative and volumes of dialogue to fuel an industry of blogs and books, nonstop.

Shanti & Hubby NYE 2014Actually, I've been surprised by all the information I've learned. Even though we women share a lot with each other, it's surprising how much we don't know about childbirth by the time we confirm we're pregnant. Then it's like cramming for a big exam in nine months while sick, exhausted, apprehensive, hormonal, swelling, growing, and cramming other aspects of life. It's maddening!

I've been told and I have read, 'Enjoy your pregnancy'. Frankly, I've been too busy with matters to simply relax and 'enjoy' my pregnancy. There are moments though when my thoughts visit an ideal future and I picture my husband, son and myself sharing a sunny-day together. And even though I'm big and it's ridiculously hard to breathe, sleep, and eat, I do enjoy the feeling of our son dancing or punting about in my belly (except for when he pogo dances upon my bladder or works on his cave murals on the inside of my left belly wall).

Well, as this blog is something inspired by my journeys in life, motherhood is the next chapter from the adventure I lived in China. I really loved traveling China, meeting families, and learning family recipes. Now, those experiences are exactly what I'd hoped they would be someday. They are stories and recipes for my family and families around the world, just as my parents had their travel stories which inspired me as a kid. There are a lot of stories from China I have yet to recollect and share. We'll see how they manifest themselves in my daily life as a mother and into this blog.

And in between the China chapter and pregnancy chapter, there was a bit of consulting and writing I did for a company that exposed me to a healthier way of buying produce. There are many farms in Northern California that we in the Bay Area have access to through our local farmers' markets or through community supported agriculture (CSA). As my body pains with added weight, a walk to Trader Joe's leeches my energy from cooking dinner. I've been taking advantage of great online delivery services like Good Eggs offering access to organic farms, CSAs, and local food producers and Instacart which delivers from Whole Foods. The interesting challenge I've faced is one that many families have –  how to feed our families organic food on a budget. I'll be sharing my learnings here.

I also intend to share some of my experiences of motherhood so that a few readers who have yet to be moms will have a better idea of what to expect from pregnancy and then motherhood.

I invite you to share with me your stories and perhaps some advice as anything comes to mind while reading my posts. Your experience and insight is valuable to me and it might be of use to other readers.

Here begins my mommy blogging adventure...



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