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3 years ago


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apparently i'm the goddess of excuses. i got an award in the fifth grade for having the most excuses. no, seriously. an award, like a certificate, you know? i never liked that teacher. he looked just like hitler, but he was a little meaner. my mom used to tell me i was "making up excuses", my husband is at the point where (i guess i've said too many) that he says everything is an excuse. hmmmm, to me what i am saying is a fact. for example, i didn't vacuum the house because i wasn't home all day seems like fact and how could i be in two places at once, but apparently it's an excuse. i didn't do the ironing because i was running errands and juggling a preschooler whom, as you know, is slightly dangerous and i don't want an iron imprint on his face - that's just an excuse.

so is the fact that i have kids and a family to take care of an excuse for not being in acting class all day? where is the line between excuse and responsibility? it is obvious to me in many cases, like oh i didn't go to the gym today because i couldn't figure out which yoga pants to wear - that's clearly an excuse. Yet, oh i didn't go to the gym today because i broke my foot and have had food poisoning all day - is that an excuse? i hope not. i can see myself falling down the path of excuses to where it becomes obviously bad...

a lot of excuses won't lead me anywhere good. it's part of procrastination, i want to make that phone call tomorrow, go to the gym tomorrow, iron the clothes tomorrow, so i have to have a reason/excuse why i didn't do it today. i would rather be blogging, designing web sites, designing stationery, playing with the kids, and making yummy healthy food, instead of ironing... you know? but it is part of life. we have to do what we enjoy and what we don't enjoy - i think that is what separates the successful from the dreamers. we can dream, but one day we need to go out there and catch that dream.


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