Surburban Turmoil's Lindsay Harnesses the Blogosphere to Help Nashville Flood Victims

8 years ago
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Getting ready for work in the morning can be a challenge some days.

Now picture trying to get ready for work in a tent in your debris-laden back yard with no running water. 

No fresh laundry. 

No electricity.

And that you are in that tent because the house you planned to retire in is gutted by a flood that took away your home and your belongings in the blink of an eye.

That is the reality for thousands of people in Nashville right now.

And one of their own is reaching out to help as many as she can.

Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil describes the flood as being "a lot like a thief. A really strong thief."

Through her work with Cross Point Church Flood Relief, Lindsay has seen a lot of loss and tragedy amongst her fellow Nashville residents, and now she's using her blog to get help for the flood victims.

"I'm not going to turn this into "The Flood Blog." But this is what I'm going through now. This is what I'm thinking about. This is what's breaking my heart on an almost hourly basis. And like it or not, you're all along for the ride."

Lindsay has collected a list of 66 families who are in need and has a goal to get each of those families $100 in gift cards.

She's also writing about some of the 20 families that have been helped so far.

Lindsay recently wrote about Steve*, a long-time resident and business owner whose home was gutted by the flood waters two weeks ago. Lindsay's readers donated money for gift cards to provide "meals he won't have to worry about buying, toiletries he won't need to seek out at donation centers, and tools and materials he can use to rebuild his home."

"Community" is a big word in the blogosphere, and it is a wonderful thing when our online community can help the community in which we live.

If you would like to help Lindsay help the remaining 46 families on her list with a donation of unused gift cards, please contact

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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