Is NaBloPoMo Some Kind of Secret Code?

a month ago

I only signed up at BlogHer a couple of days ago, and suddenly I was reading words that made no sense to me - leading me to wonder if there was some kind of secret club...or maybe a secret language that I was going to have to decipher in order to learn more about blogging and connect with other women bloggers!

After some digging around the site, however, I realized that it wasn't some secret society or anything sinister like that at all!  In fact, the whole NaBloPoMo thing looked like it could be a real fun challenge!  Posting something to my blog every day for the whole month - that is a great goal!

I have heard that habits are formed after 21 days or something like that, so I am hoping that after 30 days of making myself post something, whether I feel I have something to say or not, will give me the push I need to do more with my blogs long after this challenge is over.

I admit I am a bit nervous.  I am not always so good at following through with things - one of my least desirable character traits that I desperately need to improve on!  Hopefully this challenge will get me started on squashing that nasty habit!

And don't even get me started on how disorganized I am!  I have all the organization systems you could imagine set up in my house - binders, print outs, blogging name it.  But, putting them all together and using them effectively is not really something I have mastered yet.  After these 30 days, maybe that will all change!

So - I look forward to the next month, and I hope I can find enough to write about to keep people wanting to read what I am saying!  And, since I have registered 2 blogs, this will be twice the challenge for me.  Well, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained....or something along those lines!

The 2 blogs I have entered into the challenge can be found at:

SuperMom Challenged - Basically a blog talking about things that happen in my life as just an ordinary mom - while being surrounded by so many supermoms!!!

MomsDotcom Dream - A blog I have had for awhile discussing options for moms wanting to work from home on the internet.

If you would like to follow along, or if you are in the challenge yourself, I would love to hear from you!  I am really hoping I can learn a lot and maybe even make some virtual friends as well!


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