NaBloPoMo school memories

7 years ago
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A recent writing prompt is on school memories.  Think back to all those memories of school.  Many of the memories we don't want to repeat.  You know, the countless hours of listening to a boring teacher recite the days agenda that you are somehow supposed to remember for the rest of your life.


More than half of those are forgotten and stored in a vault that never gets opened up again.


Who wants to go back to biology or algebra class where you wanted to sleep for the whole time.  And sometimes did.


The school memories that I seem to remember are some of the early ones.  In the little grades I remember getting to bring in my favorite dolls.  I used to bring my favorite rabbit stuffed animal, BunBun and her buddy, Olga who was a stuffed animal doggy.  I think I also brought one of my baby dolls in the really little grades.

I got picked on by other kids for bringing in BunBun.  I got called BunBun by some of the boys and it followed me into Junior High.

From the third grade to the sixth grade I was writing my autobiography.  I was still bringing BunBun to school in the third grade but stopped bringing her in after that.  I think that was probably when I was being picked on.  BunBun got thrown on the roof one afternoon by some bullies.  The janitor had to go up and retrieve her.

Other memories that I remember are the awkward years in Junior High.  Getting pulled out of my chair by other girls who apparently thought it was funny.  They also liked to tickle me.  And my BunBun nickname travelled fast.


Memories of junior high bring to mind the first thoughts of boys and liking them and hoping to be going steady with one of them.  But it didn't happen in Junior High for me.


I did get lucky and get to dance with some boys at the school dances.  But many times I was that wallflower waiting to get asked.  I was a shy girl.

I also remember opening the bathroom door in the office and catching the principal sitting on the john.  Quite embarrassing.

Junior High was just that really unnerving period in our lives where we are going into puberty and learning all kinds of things.

And many of us quietly hoped that people wouldn't notice our awkward stages.  We probably secretly wished that some of our junior high pictures could have been a do over.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 13, 2012


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