NaBloPoMo-How I have grown from participating

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NaBloPoMo Day 29

Wow, we are getting down to the finish line now!  And then I went ahead and signed up to do it again in December.  I must have rocks in my brains, committing to writing every day in December? But I asked hubby first, asked him if he would encourage me and back me up like he has every other day, except THE ONE DAY I MISSED which was Thanksgiving.  And gosh I worked hard that day!  (don’t feel sorry for me it was an awesome day!) 

So what have I learned?   

Well, I learned to take a few minutes for Karen each and every day.  Even if I don’t have much to say, there is something that happened that I will want to remember one day.  (dang I wish I hadn’t missed Thanksgiving Day)  

I’ve also learned that the Blogher community is amazing.  I’ve learned that there are people in the world like me, on the other end of a monitor somewhere just like me.  

Did I mention chatter?  If you don’t chatter, you should.  I’ve made some awesome friends in the last few months there!  

I learned that I may possibly be a better writer than I think I am.  As I sit here today, my blog post about microwave potato chips is being featured on the Blogher home page.  And yesterday, I got a blogger award from one of friends from chatter.  Melissa, thank you.  I don’t think I’m worth a mention, but you did and you made me want to continue to write and continue to express myself through my photography.  

Also, I learned that there are going to be days that I just draw a blank when I sit down to write.  I feel that when I’ve got the urge to get something written, I should at least take notes, and better still, get with it.  Because lets face it, it doesn’t take as long to write when you are inspired!   

and THANK you for the encouragement to keep going Victoria and Denise, when I thought I should give up after missing one day!   

And all of you, who have gone out of your way to welcome me and leave your comments and pieces of your heart on my blog pages, I thank you for your new friendship :)