My Walk on the Wildside

7 years ago

Spent the morning finishing up a couple of articles and when I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed away from the computer for a wilderness adventure...

A few months ago when I became an empty nester I decided it was time to broaden my horizons and see the world...that is as long as it didn't cost any money and I could do it in a day-trip.  I live in the Texas hill country and there really are a lot of beautiful places to explore close to home.  I bought a book on hikes you take in a day in and around the hill country, spent a Saturday studying all the destinations and committed to exploring some new trail at least two days out of the month.

That was six months ago, so far I have seen a few none of the trails I had dogeared as my top picks. However, I do have a wonderful park across the street from my home with little pockets of the urban girl's version of wilderness and a clear water spring with lovely rain-fed rapids. My plan - take my dog for a walk and venture off the trail along the stream in hopes of catching a few nature shots for my blog.

Here's a shot of the bobbed-wire fence I climbed right next to the no trespassing sign I ignored to get to the "wilderness".

Mistake One:  Thinking that there was a trail off the beaten path to follow...there wasn't.  Picasso (my dog who is also called a%#hole on many occassions because I have yelled that at her so ofter for digging up my flower garden that my neighbors think that is her 'given' name) and I were dodging branches, cactus and at one point crawling on our knees. Oh yes, I guess that was just me crawling on my knees.

Mistake Two:  Tying Picasso's leash to my waist and thinking she would weave through the thorny vines and trees intuitively in sync with me.she didn't.  At one point, with the precision of the three stooges, she stepped on a small bush and diverted it into my face. So sweet! I think the only thing more tangled than the trail of vines and rocks was my briar patch of cuss words looming above us.

Here's a shot of one of the thorny vines. I took this pretty little shot of the thorns silhouetted  against the sky before I knew I would be wearing them home.

Mistake Three:  Standing next to a rapidly running stream with lots of slippery rocks with a 100 lb dog tied to your waist and thinking that she wouldn't jump in the water...she did...and took me with her. Oh yes, and mistake 3.1 would be holding my camera as I went into the stream.

Here's a nice shot of some rapids right before a#%hole and I went for a little dip...honestly, I'm pretty sure I heard dueling banjos in the background!

Mistake Four:  Not doing a double once-over to remove the wilderness debris prior to returning to the main trail...I didn't.Couldn't figure why all the trail walkers (urbanite wussies as I now refer to them) were doing the double-take.  Yes, I know Picasso and I are a couple of good-looking women, but seriously, do you have to stare and gawk at us so?  Maybe they think we went into the woods to go to the bathroom?  I couldn't figure it out.  All I knew is I was glad to be out of the to speak.

When I got home this is what I looked like (there might have been more debris on me than this, but this is what made it home with me).

This photo really does not have a mistake attached to it, but I thought is was a pretty cool tree...I call it a baboon butt tree - not sure what it really is. 

Not sure what my next adventure will be, but I am pretty sure it will involve martini's on the rocks and not me!








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