My two year old has more sense than most!

8 years ago

Taking a break from the diary of deep thoughts for a minute, and want to focus on something I find a lil offending. Where have peoples manners, and common sense gone. It seems here in the blogging community we have a lot of that. But in the public, either these people don't blog, either way, have you noticed how manners, and common sense seem to leave the building when people are out and about in town? Really....Who drive's 45 mph in a crammed parking lot, who runs red lights, and passes when they shouldn't? who tail gates at excesive speeds on icy roads? Crazy people, I have been guilty of some of these, but really it seems like every where you go now a days people can't drive, at least safely. And when a 2 year old says excuse me to a person who just stopped in the middle of the isle to block everyone, and anyone from passing....well I should just stop there I think.

So my point, please be aware of your surrondings if you are one of these is not polite. It is not cool either to "whatever" like, and not care about those around you. And if you are not one of these people....then you are one of those that exchange smiles with all of us other patient by standards. Waiting for people to get their poop in a groove, move through, or take another route. Thank You for your makes the big bad chain store a more pleasant experience.

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