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4 years ago

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First, let’s just put it all out on the table and address the elephant in the room: the fact that I haven’t blogged in seven months! Oh, I thought about blogging, jotted down blogging ideas, talked to folks about why I couldn’t blog – but there was no actual blogging. Until today!

Friday, BlogHer sent me a divine email that confirmed that yes indeed it was time to revive the blog with their NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) challenge. Thing is I have a 2 for 1, double-whammy issue: lack of vulnerability and perfectionism. Just enough buzz kill to make you question everything you type. So BlogHer’s challenge is just the push I needed.  The theme this month is SELF – the easiest topic since you’re an expert on yourself. But for me, it’s going to be challenging because of the aforementioned issues.

Today’s post: Tell us five interesting things about yourself.

Believe it or not I literally had to think for 10 to 15 minutes on a short list of things to share. My husband had to get involved and actually point out some things.  I guess one woman’s boring is another man’s interesting.

So this is my short list of interesting in no particular order:

1. I have lupus.  Lupus is an auto-immune disease that can affect every part of the body. Unfortunately minorities, especially black women, are two to three more times to be diagnosed with lupus than white women and the disease is more severe. I’m a 31-year-old and my kidneys have been affected – forcing me and my husband to go down the “road less traveled” when it comes to having a family of our own.  I was told I needed a kidney transplant in March, but not any time soon since I don’t have to be on dialysis. That bit of information was a post in its self. Learn more about lupus at

2. I hate loud noises! I have avoided the circus for several years because of my anxiety over loud noises.  I’m not sure what kind of sick thrill people get out of waiting for someone to be shot out of a cannon, but I want no part of it. When I was little I hated being around balloons because little kids, especially obnoxious, adolescent boys, seem to be drawn to popping them at random moments.  And now as an adult I can’t stand my own doorbell, LOL. So you guessed it – I don’t like Halloween much. Even when I know the kids will come ringing, the doorbell is still scares me. But I refuse to be the Halloween Scrooge on my block.  How did I get to be so worrisome?

3.  I am a minister’s wife.  My husband is a seminary student just months away from earning his Master’s in Divinity. I’m excited and anxious about what the future will hold for us, but I know that God has awesome plan – especially since I don’t believe  I fit the mold of what people would expect a “minister’s wife” to look and act like. But that’s how God works doesn’t he? He breaks down our ideas and helps us to see how the not so obvious can be used. I hope to glorify Him wherever he takes us.

4. I’m a music lover. I shower to music, I work to music. Music is a part of my life period. I have Pandora stations for every mood. Motown and Gospel for lifting my spirits, my Bobby McFerrin radio station for writing and I listen to my electronica/ambient station to get me through the work day.

5. And lastly…  I keep things. And by things I mean an attendance award from 1990 – second grade! I also have a1994 copy of YM and Teen magazines (do you remember those?!, LMBO), cards and one mint condition Nintendo Duck Hunt gun – but the most revealing are letters from my father. I’m not sure what this says about me, lol.

And there you have it ladies, my short list of interesting.


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