My Reverse Birthday Party

5 years ago

 As everyone keeps reminding me, the new year will be upon us very shortly.  Which means, in more Liz-centric terms, I will have a birthday soon  I'm a January 3rd baby, so I have my choice of New Years nuttiness or birthday nuttiness.  Very often, I opt out of both, because who has the energy after December?!

But this time it's different.  I'm going for the birthday this year.

At the (soon to be) age of 29, I will be throwing myself a birthday party.  But I want to do it differently.  I have a goodreason: we're starting the process of moving, and there's always way more stuff to pack than one thinks.  Science tells us that objects, when placed in close proximity, breed more objects.  It's totally true.

So this time, I'm preparing boxes and tables of stuff we no longer want.  I'll have people over to the house to come eat some good home cooking, browse the "store" and take what they want.  A reverse birthday party!  I should have done this years ago....

I'll be offering up a bunch of things.  These are the things I've acquired, and wonder why they're there, instead of using them.  These are purses I haven'tcarried in years, and shoes I will never wear again.These are my excess dollar store finds, my nice but unneeded TJ Maxx discount vases....

The last books from grad school that I no longer need, will never open again, and can't sell for more than a dollar or two anyway.....

Clorox wipes bottle added for scale!!  This is my kitchen/card table, loaded up!

These are extra craft supplies and holiday decorations that haven't been used in nearly a decade.  When you don't clap eyes on something for 8 years, you probably don't need it....

I will be keeping the laundry basket and plastic tub.  Those are worth their weight in gold!

Some things do stay, though.  One needs a bit of color and sparkle, especially at a new chapter in life.  It's a process, deciding which treasured objects to keep and which to part with.  But it's not as hard as I thought it would be.  I feel more and more energized. What remains really enriches the place, like here, the corner of Things That are Being Kept:

Including a cuddly puppy that declares he and his chair are going NOWHERE!

Anyone who's spun by my blog here knows that I'm all about the giving.  It's one of the truly free luxuries in life.  Im really looking forward to seeing people around for fun times, and of course lightening my own load in the process.  In the coming days, I'll be not only helping MIL clean up her new digs, I'll be commencing to pack our own non-essentials.  It's going to be a busy 2013, but hopefully things will be looking up :)

Do any of you do something similar before a big move, or at the end of the old year?  Any pre-Spring-Cleaning traditions out there in BlogHerland?


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