my photography "job"

6 years ago

Recently I've taken the plunge. I started my photography business!

And honestly? It's going really, really well so far!

After years of having an entrapraneual spirit but no real success with my endeavors, it's been nice to have something take off in the way that my photography business seems to be. And the surprising thing? I didn't even intend to make photography a business (isn't it always the case with things like this? You try and try in one aspect of life and then it just falls in your lap with something that you least expect it to).

Really I just took pictures because I liked to.

And then I continued because I found that it could be an artistic expression and I'm all over ways to artistically express.

And then I continued even more because I got pregnant and knew I was going to want to photgraph the heck out of my baby.

And so on and so forth.

I've taken classes, I've gone to the School of the Internet, I've learned by trial and error. I'm still learning. But the one thing I've learned the most is how great it is to have a "job" that doesn't feel like a job.

I don't consider this photography thing (i still am having trouble calling it a job or my business) to be work. I consider it my reprieve from work.

When it's time to take photos or edit them or promote my blog or update my website, i get excited. I don't dread it.

When I'm arm deep in ground turkey making dinner, or when my kid's diaper explodes and he needs an immediate bath or when I'm attempting to dust the cobwebs out of a corner with a broom, that's when i feel like i'm working. That's when I look forward to sitting at my computer at night and editing photos with a mug of tea and one lamp turned on next to me with the rest of the house quiet around me. That's my break.

And I finally get what my father was trying to teach me about having a job that you ENJOY. Because that's what this is for me. I don't feel any desperation around it, I don't feel all hung up in "oh my god is it going to work out!?", I don't have stress surrounding it. I just have joy and look-forward-to-it-ness. And that's such a relief. Every time i book a new shoot I get excited and happy. There is no dread or sinking doubt. There is no feeling that somehow my soul is all intertwined in it. There is just the joy in doing it and the joy in working on it and the joy in releasing it and that's that.

It's such a nice, nice change.

I encourage everyone to find something like this and go forward with it. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing just for the sake of doing it and then go ahead get out there and do it. It's seriously SUCH a rewarding experience.


{for always}

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