My Open Letter To Microsoft: Please Don't Break This Fangirl's Heart

by T
4 years ago

When the Windows Phone 7 was announced I couldn't contain my joy. It brought back the wave of emotions I first experienced when we unwrapped our Windows 95, over two decades ago. I lurked the internet for hours, scanning blogs and tech sites for details on the soon coming WP7. I was met with naysayers, MacHeads, and Android fanatics, assuring me that it would be a waste of money and surely nothing Microsoft does is worth anything at all.

But, I didn't believe them, Microsoft. I stood by you, as I had for two decades. I'm only 27 and I have known you for so long. It was your company that brought a computer into my home. Those early days showered me with hope and joy. Growing up in the booming tech age has been exciting and magical. And I always believed in you, Microsoft. I always have.

So when Windows 8 was announced and I saw the familiar tiles I'd been matriculating on my Windows Phone 7, my heart skipped a beat. As soon as Windows 8 was released I purchased my upgrade and went about installing it on my HP Notebook running Windows 7 Home Premium.

But, was not to be. For a week I worked with my computer, trying to install the upgrade, it hanging at the very end. 12 times I've run the upgrade, each time removing more drivers, uninstalling more programs, disconnecting more external devices. I worked over it feverishly before surrendering it to a more skilled friend. He did what he could with it, pouring over the Microsoft forums for clues, and finding nothing but the same problem we were facing: the Windows 8 upgrade just doesn't work.

Maybe some would have given up. Oh, but not I, Microsoft. Not I with my "PC Fangirl" badge of honor and emotional ties to your brand. I decided it was time to let the professionals take over. So at 10 am, Central Time, I called Microsoft Technical Support...

...and thus began the nightmare that has become working with your representatives.

Between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm on November 3rd, I sat on my couch, watching your representatives attempt to make the upgrade take. They stripped my beautiful computer of her drivers, disabling her graphics cards, deleting Office, and various other programs deemed "incompatible" with Windows 8. At 2pm central time, the second representative I'd been handed over to informed me we would run the install again, and he would call me back in "15 to 20 minutes" to work through the install with me. He hung up.

And never called back.

I waited until 4pm and called you, Microsoft. I begged with the reps to reconnect me with the previous one. He was, after all, supposed to be connected to my computer still. I gave them his name. I gave them my case number. On the verge of tears, I begged. For 30 minutes I bounced back and forth between "hold" and "transferring", before one representative revealed that my second rep had updated my case file saying he'd told ME to call back if the installation failed.

I was lied to. And the system was lied to. I cried on the phone, Microsoft. I didn't mean to, but I was so tired. I watched my beautiful daughter and sweet husband tip-toe around me all day while I waited for a resolution to my problem. They went to the park without me, something we'd been planning to do. They came and they went all day long, and I missed it because I was waiting for this upgrade to work. And now...I had been lied to. And I cried.

The representative politely informed me I would be called back in "20 hours" and set a call back time for 4pm Central Time on November 4th. I agreed that this would be fine, knowing full well it meant I would be sacrificing much of my Sunday to this endeavor as well.

All day today I rushed through spending time with my family so I could be absolutely sure I'd be right by my phone when you'd call, Microsoft. And when the time arrived, I pulled up the website (just to be helpful), plugged in both my Laptop (the PC to be upgraded) and my Windows Phone 7 to be charged so we'd be sure we wouldn't have any interruptions.

And then you didn't call, Microsoft. You didn't call. I waited 30 minutes for you. And you didn't call. You stood me up. Again. So I called you. I called you and began the dance of explaining why I was calling, and giving my case number, and retelling my sob story of a failed Windows 8 upgrade. I was polite. I even apologized saying that I live in a rural area, and maybe you tried to call but didn't get through. I gave you every opportunity to fix this and make it right.

But what I got was this: "I'm sorry, Deborah, (my name is Tamara), we were about to call you. Please hold." Five minutes pass. "Deborah, thank you for holding, you will be receiving a call back about your issue on November 5th, at 3:30 pm. Thank you."

That's it? All this waiting? My weekend shot to hell, and now you're pushing back my call back date? WHY??

I couldn't take it anymore, Microsoft. So as the representative attempted to hang up on me, I told him to direct me to someone who could refund my purchase of the Windows 8 upgrade. I didn't want to do it. I didn't want this. I never wanted this. But, what else can I do? How long do you keep holding on, loving someone, who will never love you back? How long to you surrender apologies for mistakes you didn't make? I wouldn't do this in my personal relationships. So why would I do this for you, Microsoft?

I bit my lip, I held in my tears, and I waited for a response from the rep. And his response hang up on me. Your representative hung up on me when I asked to be transferred so I could request a refund.

At that point I cried again. I wish I could tell you that I'm stronger than letting a failed Windows 8 upgrade and persistently rude representatives break me. But, apparently I am not. And it hurts me so.

Tomorrow I will contact your store again and request my refund. I'm a PC Fangirl. And it hurts like hell. Even now I'm typing on my Windows 7 Home Premium Notebook, checking my email on my HTC HD7 while listening to my Zune subscription playing through it, watching my husband play Halo Reach on our XBOX, wondering why it all had to be so complicated.

Is there any answer here, Microsoft? Is there a way we can work this out? I've already been told I'd never have this problem with Apple. I don't know that I believe this, but my resolve to own only Microsoft products has been severely shaken. And that's something I never thought possible.

I miss you, Microsoft. I miss what I used to believe you to be. I miss the hope, the magic, the fantasy of my first PC. I miss the love affair that began when I was a single digit youngling. I miss...I miss you. I want you back.

But only if you can promise not to hurt me again. Not like this. Only if you can promise to train  your representatives not to lie and hang up on women in tears, asking for a refund.

Please don't break this fangirl's heart...more than you already have.





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