My One Thing

4 years ago

I am staring out my window at the storm pushing our trees back and forth, the rain is casting the scene in grey. With a snoring dog squished beside me in this comfy chair, it feels  sweet and peaceful. Beyond the sleeping puppy the only other sounds are the loud ticking of our wall clock and the wind forcing the trees to dance.

Many years ago I chose a favorite Bible verse, some call it choosing a "Life Verse". I have always loved the whole 27th chapter of the Psalms. My favorite verse is nestled in there at the beginning, verse 4 is about my life long desire to live in God's house with Him. To know that He is close at all times and then to just worship Him. 

There was also a practical side to my enjoyment of this little verse. I DID almost live in "God's house", because I was in full-time ministry along side my husband and we pretty much lived in church buildings. For a few years we actually lived just a few feet from the church sanctuary, in the church owned parsonage. In later seasons we spent every day and most evenings doing church work and church socializing. 

I was "dwelling in the house of the Lord". 

Of course, I do know that the phrase means much more than where you live or even where you spend your time. It is a heart thing. I know that God is in me and we are living life together. For me, "dwelling" meant that I would be AWARE that He is in me and I am in Him. To never forget it. And then, to enjoy Him continually and delight in the constant new discoveries He unfolds to me. 

This morning as I am here with my computer and my dog, this verse came back to me and I kind of chuckled, because ironically I am very seldom in a church building anymore. Some may describe it as being "between churches", for me it is a time of being between wells. God has moved us out of one well and we are at home drinking coffee and staring out the window as we contemplate the new well. 

The panic is gone. The questions are not as frantic as they were. And I am still doing my "One thing"; I am dwelling in His house and beholding His beauty while I sip my coffee and watch the trees do their dance. God lives here with me. He is as close as my breath, even though sometimes I find myself holding my breath and then asking where He went. He is here. He is my well. He is my source for life, my refreshment and my cure for life. 

I miss my old well and all of the little extras that it gave me. But He has something up His sleeve for me to learn and discover anew as I wait on Him and continue to do my one thing. 

The lesson for today may be not to let a black puppy snuggle next to you when wearing a white bathrobe! 

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