My Numerology Experience: Finding the Right Time to Discover Hidden Abilities

2 years ago
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Two years ago, I was a legal secretary in a major law firm with tons of responsibilities and little time for myself. It’s not one of those Cinderella stories, so I can’t say it was unsatisfying or that I was suffering under the scourge of a dominant boss. Being a person with a ply of OCD and diligent to the point, I enjoyed keeping track of documents and making my boss’s professional life easier and more arranged. I still enjoy doing it for myself and my husband. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Thus, being mostly satisfied with the state of things, I never thought of changing careers or going through with all the finding your true self-thing. I didn’t want or need change (at least I thought so) and I was completely happy doing what I did. Today, living in another city, teaching yoga and having my event planning company, I realize how incomplete my life used to be. I didn’t feel that something was amiss, and yet it obviously was. Thanks to an odd online experience, I turned my life around and found the things I now value most in life – inspiration and freedom. I am sharing this experience because I know how hard it can be to carry on with the everyday life and even understand what will bring happiness. Who knows, maybe this experience will inspire someone and help them understand in which direction to move.

How did it all happen?

One rainy Sunday, while mindlessly browsing Facebook in search of some kind of entertainment, I came across a funny article about discovering the talents we might have without realizing it. It didn’t look like a good or informative read (besides, it was about numerology!), but I wasn’t busy, and there was plenty of free time, so I just went ahead and started reading. It looked silly – readers only had to count letters in their names and then find out what hidden talents they might have. Here is a more precise instruction.


  1. Write down your full name (first, middle, last)
  2. Count the number of consonants in your name
  3. Add the digits that make up the number of consonants to get a one-digit number (e.g. after getting 13 consonants we would add one and three and get four)
  4. Read the description under the final number to learn about the hidden talents you might have.


  1. Those who got one have a gift for psychological analysis;
  2. Those who got two have vast artistic talents;
  3. Those with the three are logical thinkers and hardworking people;
  4. Those who got four are natural leaders and organizers. They know how to produce original ideas and guess other people’s wants;
  5. Those who got five are natural risk-takers;
  6. Those who got six are cut for a drama career;
  7. “Sevens” have developed teaching skills;
  8. “Eights” are ambitious and determined;
  9. “Nines” are compassionate and good at helping other people;

I am not providing a link to this test because the entry doesn’t exist anymore. Anyway, it obviously lacked psychological background and mere credibility. Having received “four” after doing all the required calculations, I was surprised to find out that I was a leader and a creative person (which I obviously did not think myself to be). Yet somehow it got me thinking. Maybe if we don’t feel the slightest inclination to a different career or lifestyle, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we wouldn’t be good at it or that it won’t be fulfilling? Maybe it is the subconscious that guides us in this search, negating reasonable thinking?

Fast forward to three months later. Somehow the idea got stuck in my head and grew into a feeble plan. I quit my job (I knew I would be able to find another one if it didn’t work out) and started doing yoga classes. It felt so good I was amazed. After helping a friend to throw an awesome engagement party, an actual wedding, and a baby shower, I realized how much I loved doing it and started helping others (turned out, I did enjoy and, more importantly, was able to organize things). That’s how I ended up planning events for a living. In fact, I got so hungry for light, inspiration and new people that we decided to move to a bigger city to the south.

Looking back, I realize the numerology test I’d stumbled upon was just an injection of inspiration made at the right time. My conclusion is this: we most certainly have hidden talents and abilities buried somewhere deep inside. And we might have no clue about them. Yet discovering such abilities is not a simple how-to process. We can’t just go through a series of steps, checking the boxes on the list. Years of trying might yield nothing, and yet a single push made at the right time will set us on the right track. The most important thing is, we shouldn’t muffle the inner voice whenever it starts sending signals – however silly the reason can be. If it tells us to try, we can and should try it, having taken precautions in case of failure. Listening and, most importantly, hearing what our mind is trying to tell us is paramount not only for discovering hidden abilities, but also for living a happier, healthier life.

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