My midlife sabbatical: the first steps are the hardest (I hope)

This first week has been a mixed bag.For the first time in over 9 years since my daughter was born, I had time for me. Freedom! Before, I put everyone else's needs first. Interestingly, now I felt overwhelmed with choices from my "to do" list.

I avoided taking action, since what I REALLY needed to do first was put my "house" in order. Like taking medicine you know is good for you.  Plus, I needed to prioritize.

Finally, I dived in today and did two things I haven’t done in years: I cooked, and worked out. Despite being cooking-phobic. Despite having a weakened right leg since knee surgery three years ago which really needs to get stronger or I risk arthritis.

I mean really, cook? That’s not about moving forward and finding myself is it? Well maybe for me it is. Previously, cooking had lots of negativity around it stretching back to childhood issues.  I wasn’t cooking for the right reasons.  And my family has been eating microwaved frozen foods for years now. Not the healthiest. Now, somehow with time on my hands, I felt ready to cook my family healthier food. My nine-year old daughter actually liked my chicken and my husband actually liked my fish. I made two dishes because I bought both meals, and I was on a roll and afraid if I didn’t do it right away, I’d never touch it again.

Working out was easier. I put on The View, and used our exercise bike for about 20 minutes. Not a bad start. Oh, and I called the gym and decided to rejoin on Thursday. All good.

Besides all this, there’s the rest of my “to do” list. I still need to prioritize it. I still need to set up a schedule for myself every day, and every week! I’ve never had a clean slate of time before me, and although it’s great, it’s also me myself and I who has to figure out what to do with it.

Any words of advice are welcome!

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