My Life Viewed Thru Rose-Colored Menopausal Glasses

Living with menopause is not unlike living with a dual personality, everyday tells a story, but every telling has two sides. Imagine life lived in two versions—one personality goes in as the other goes out…a daily adventure of in-an’-out repeats and déjà vu’s. Why, it’s enough to drive anyone loony toons!

At fifty-four years of age—after years of working 9 to 5 jobs—I am suddenly in-between careers (a nice way of saying that I am simply out-of-a-job and nobody wants us has-beens). I am looking and hoping to find something better-suited to me, though I simply don’t know what that may be. Sigh!

So I write—and write endlessly—to keep the ever wailing Menopausal Banshee sedated. But I have also found that fresh air and sunshine is intoxicating-enough to keep the wailing Siren sedated, too!

I’ve recently begun street-hiking again in the mornings, and I didn’t realize until I got outside that I have been pretty much living in darkness…like a vampire. Because on my first day of walking I experienced an unbelievable glorious sunny day, with a light cool breeze blowing, and I felt so alive…almost animated!

I saw birds flying in-and-out of trees and heard them chirping; and in the distance I identified the revving of a lawnmower and the hum of a leaf blower. And as I proceeded to reach the top of the steep hills I climbed, I couldn’t help but notice the majestic beauty of the mountains and wide open space. The surrounding hills looked so lush…a giant plush carpet of greenery.

Along the way I passed early joggers and hikers, some smiled and greeted hello and good morning, while others preferred their quiet and solitude.

I think I will put on my walking shoes, carry a big stick, and go walking in the sun and fresh air more often.

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