My Late Google Discovery + OOOH Weee

7 years ago

So the way that I see it.  Ms Brown Suga owes my company a hefty amount of money.  She introduced me to Google Reader.  It's FABULOUS.  I know that i'm probably late.  In all actuality, it's probably saved tons of time.  Before, I would come in and check my work email.  Put out all of my fires.  Drink my coffee and once I got a second to breathe, I would log onto The YBF, Washington Post, The Independent, Prissy Mommy, HGTV, and check in on the Courteous Dater.  Man, the list goes on and on.

Still, I was always in awe of how Ms. Suga was always in the know so much quicker than I was.  Well, low and behold, she had Google Reader.  With Google Reader, you can load all of your favorite blogs and have all of your information in one spot, instantly.  It does not load any crazy pop ups, play any ridiculous music, or load any erroneous spam.  I've also discovered new blogs that I love, like Design Milk and Design Sponge. 

One negative is that all blogs do not load into Google Reader well, so I still have to visit their sites (Get on it Shape Magazine!), but most do.  This little find has also eliminated my need to have blogs send me updates via email.  I just load them into my reader and viola.  I read their updates there.  I no longer have to get their updates in my email box.  And trust me, if you saw how many unread emails I had in my personal email box, you'd just shut the thing down.  It's all just advertisements.  I can't delete them fast enough.  I just scroll past them to the ones that I want to read.  I'll go back and delete them.  One day.  I promise.

Anyway, you can check out Google Reader here.  If you already have a google or gmail log-on you can use that.  If not, just register for an account.  You don't have to create a new email account or anything.  I created an account with my existing yahoo email address.  How sweet is that!  You don't even have to create a whole new email address. 

If you already have Google Reader, load Blushblog.  Once you're up and running and see a post that you like, click "Like" in your Google Reader.  Let's see if we can make it to "What's Hot in Google Reader" a few times.



Ok I knew that I liked The YBF for a reason.  I was checking out their site the other day and saw this.  


I mean really.  Wow.  That creation of hot, sweat, buttered, ripply, fineness is George Wilson of the Buffalo Bills.  I also knew that there was a reason that football was my favorite sport.  Now, me never being satisfied, had to go on the hunt and grab you ladies a few more pics.  I mean.  It is Friday right?

  HBP_0049_Location_156_ Entertainment-14Entertainment-15George-474

Heeeey George.  Call me. I mean.  DAMN!

Have a great weekend Blushing Ladies.

Source: The YBF, Essence Magazine


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