My Greatest Christmas Gift!

5 years ago

As 2011 winds down and a New Year looms ahead, many of us will look toward the future with hope, resolutions, and aspirations.We'll choose not to look back at a year of struggle and decline, choosing instead, to forge a new path for brighter days.

I'm all for New Year's resolutions, a brand new year and brighter days on the horizon, truly I am. But, oftentimes we should look back and reflect on the year before in all of its triumphs and struggles. It serves as a guidepost in how we approach another year in the life.

These last years have been a struggle for poor and middle class people especially. We've lost jobs, homes,medical insurances; our trust in banks, government, politicians and big wigs supposedly looking out for the little guys in CEO and Union leadership positions...

All of this negative energy that depletes hope in mankind and set an America's people on a treadmill of anger, discord and disrespect can be contagious. As an advocate,activist,and motivator for women, children and the elderly, I'm determined to press on with the positives that has become my lifes' work.

My passion and purpose encourages sowing seeds of resilence, faith, and works...over time, like seedling that sprouts from a farmer's crop of rich dark soil, the fruits of  human love and compassion will grow! It was Gwendolyn Brooks who told me to "Keep-a-going!" many years ago when filled with doubts and questions when embarking upon the journey to living an authentic life.

Many years later, I continue Ms. Brook's motivating gift:

The first woman told  me of her plans in early December. She had stepped forward to keep the courts from placing her grandchild in the foster care system. A woman acting on love & faith sought my advice on getting the help needed to raise a new baby... That baby is now 5 months old and his brave grandmother will share her story at in the New Year!

The next woman tells me how grateful and freeing it was to find she was no longer in denial about her child being diagnosed with ADHD. She shared her story and thanked me for helping her find the right resources to help provide for her child's wellbeing.

As a woman, writer, activist, advocate and motivator, I'd like to remember 2011 as a time for empowering the voice of women to shine! It is a great motivator, this paying it forward; this sowing of seeds. The greatest gift I've ever been blessed to receive!

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