My first love..

5 years ago

I can only assume the prompt is referring to the first "romantic" love.

In 6th grade I fell in love. I was ripe for the picking. My family life was chaos. My childhood, dear friend had died suddenly from pneumonia/bronchitis. I was on the cusp of entering Junior High school. I was a "woman".....officially.

His name was Jeff. His name is still Jeff. We became an official couple on June 5, 1975. Why do I know this? Because it was my first love. You know what they never forget your first love.

Jeff and I were the real deal. Long phone conversations. Holding hands. Making moon eyes at each other. Writing looooong love notes to each other. It was everything a first love should be. We shared our first kiss together. As well as many other important firsts. No people, not THAT first. Perhaps that is the most important thing about my first love experience. It was predominately chaste. It was heavily weighted toward being simply IN LOVE. True. Mad. Deep. This love affair lasted through most of high school. There was a brief breakup in the 9th-10th grade when I was very ill with Rheumatoid Arthritis and could not handle any more attention being paid to I banished him from my life. Very dramatic.

We "reunited" (complete with the song playing in the background), and then my family moved away...2800 miles away, to Tucson Arizona. Jeff and I continued our relationship long distance. This was a love so true that miles could not hurt it.....

Eventually we had to end this amazing love story because we were in high school, in different states, and our lives were going on and it was 5 kinds of impractical to stay together. For years we circled around each other’s lives and stayed in touch through the first few years of college even. I had moved on and certainly I hurt him.

Thankfully Zuckerburg developed Facebook. Jeff and I have reconnected after 25 years. We are "FB friends". My husband finds this relationship to be epically charming. I can just about guarantee Jeff's wife does not share that opinion. I am a tough girl to forget me.

I am such a romantic. I love a good, epic, love story. I only have EPIC love stories. I was in love with Jeff for so long. My next serious relationship lasted NINE years. I am going to celebrate 20 years married (21 years together), with my husband, this year. I go big in love.

My senior year in HS, I briefly dated a guy, another Jeff (?), and we went to the movies to see "Endless Love". I distinctly remember thinking about my first Jeff, while I was with my current Jeff. As the closing song played....I cried. My date, Jeff, was horrified. I guess his ego thought I was thinking about him? I am FB friends with this Jeff too. Like I said, I am difficult to forget. mean the world to me...

....I know, I've found in you... Endless Love...

It never ends. The first love. The first “time". The first of anything. I have a deep, true and romantic love with my husband. He appreciates my "love" history. He acknowledges how important it was and how BIG and FOREVER it seemed to me. That is a real gift. To have a life partner that is not threatened by or jealous of a first love. I like to say that everything that came before him was training for what we have between us. I had some amazing training. Not all of it was happy but my first love...well that was undeniably amazing. I should thank Jeff for that. Or maybe Boyd should.

Oh good lord...I think not.....

The two of them together has already my 30th HS reunion. It was a veritable love fest. You know...they have so much in common...

Love...and me.

 Well beer too…they both seem to really like beer.

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