My Financial House of Halloween Horrors!

4 years ago

Every year I decorate my house for Halloween. With excitement I carve the pumpkin, string the goblin lights, hang the ghouls, set up the cemetery, and blow up the witch! It is the most wonderful time of the year for someone like me!

However, this year something ghastly happened to me as I walked down the Halloween aisle at Pier 1 looking for the next best thing! The prices spooked me, and I ran from the store. It was an unexpected haunting neither my wallet nor I were prepared for as the calendar began to countdown the days to Halloween.

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It is estimated the average American will spend $80 on Halloween this year. I scratch my head at the number, because a gullible creature like me spends more than that each year. I had to take a step back and re-evaluate the ghost that was stealing money from my wallet.

The thought of costumes has been on my children’s minds for some time. Both of them came home from school to declare they wanted to be Jake and Finn from Adventure Time.

I went online to find that perfect costume, realizing I would be $160.00 out-of-pocket for two costumes worn only once in their lifetime. They begged, “Please!”

I put down my foot and hollered, “No! We are making your costumes!”

They looked as if they had just met the Wicked Witch of the West ready to fly away on her broom!

The following week, I went to view the online Victoria's Secret sale only to discover a very steamy costume collection. If I wanted to play a sexy little mobster in the boudoir, it would cost me more than $88. I chuckled and realized my husband is a simple man with simple pleasures! I could slap on my red Hanes, don a dollar store mask and the whole shebang would be over in minutes!

I then fell into a deep shock as I looked up the numbers that Americans will spend. Over $310 million on pet costumes this year. We bling out our little fur babies to look humiliated for that one spooktacular night of the year. Halloween seemed to me to be spiraling out of control!

The following day, I discovered Harry and David have their own little Halloween collection! Yes! Be prepared for the horror! The cost of a gingerbread haunted house was $59.95! I screamed at the cost and slammed down my computer.

My neighborhood has many trick-or-treaters, and I spend more than $80 on the good candy just to please the neighbors' children. A preventive measure from a good egging to my car and a soaping to my parlor windows. I need to save my time from an unnecessary cleaning!

So re-evaluating the cost of the average American spending $80 is impossible! If you are a Halloween reveler like me, by the time you buy your sexy costume, your kid’s costume, candy, and your gingerbread house, you have spent close to $400! As I did the math, I wondered was this really a bad dream in my financial house of horrors?

I looked in the mirror and gasped! It was a miserly hag staring back at me! She was shrewdly calculating the cost of Halloween and counting the money in her clutch bag! So a warning to all on the eve of Halloween! Don’t come knocking on my door, or you may meet this miser who drops hot coals into your personalized trick-or-treat bags!

Do you believe the cost of Halloween spending has gotten out of control? How do you stay on budget?

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