My Favorite Quotation....

4 years ago's to good women,

....may we know them,

....may we raise them,

....may we be them.

This is my current favorite quotation. I have had many in my life. I am particularly fond of this one right now because I am raising 2 girls. My definition of "a good woman" is being translated for their daily consumption. The struggle is to always "be one". I do my best but many days I am sure I fall short. I know many “good women". I have known many. This changes as time goes on and I get to see people in their own environments as opposed to in passing.

I hope my girls will grow up to be good women. By good I also mean strong. I also mean brave. I also mean confident. These are important as well as useful traits to have as women in our world. I was not always strong. I was not always confident. I did almost always have a level of bravery though. I am still brave. Not go on the big roller coaster brave, more like brave enough to choose to do the difficult thing. I suppose my challenging upbringing forced me to be brave. In which case my girls will not get the same kind of bravery that I got.

I do concern myself with the reality that my girls do not ever have to question whether or not they are loved and how that translates into inner conviction. My daughters are adored. They are also challenged but in different ways than I was challenged. The old adage, "perception is reality", probably means more to me now that my girls' perceptions are so much more positive than mine were. I never really lamented my losses as an explanation or excuse for not being successful. I see that today in the youth. Many have an identity that centers on entitlement. That would have been an interesting coping mechanism for me back in the day. I wonder what I would have faced had I just expected everything to go my way because I was me. Ha!

I will continue to put my efforts toward raising my girls to be good women, to know good women, (maybe they will count me as one?), and eventually for them to raise good women. It is really the most important job I have and the only one that pays every day, in one way or another.

Cheers! To good women!


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