In My CSA Box -- Fava Beans: Recipes and Ideas

7 years ago
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I've been wanting to join a Community Supported Agriculture group for quite a while and finally signed us up. I'm hoping to up our fruit and veggie intake, learn more about what's in season and try new-to-me items. My CSA farm is in Capay, Yolo County, California.

The first delivery did not disappoint in offering something new-to-me: Fava Beans. I could only identify them by the process of elimination on the inventory sheet. Perplexed about how to prepare them, I went checked out a couple of food blogging, news and recipe sites that would offer ideas:

Fava Beans

I also realized that I had no idea what to expect as far as taste. Luckily NPR's Kitchen Window has a nice description about the fava bean's qualities and a few recipes:

“The beans have a buttery texture, slight bitterness and lovely, nutty flavor. And after a long, dark winter, their fresh green color pushes you right into spring.”

“And, favas are nutrition superheroes. They are high in fiber and iron, and low in sodium and fat. They have no cholesterol but so much protein, they are called the meat of the poor.”

Beverly Estes over at offers:
"A deliciously seasoned fava bean, onion, and tomato dip recipe! Traditionally served with pita bread for breakfast in Egypt."

Out of the many many recipes over at the Spring Vegetables with Shallots and Lemon sounds tasty and full of spring sunshine.

Heidi over at has the most intriguingly simple "grilled fava beans" recipe. A dish she discovered while in Japan.

Of course, we know Hannibal Lecter said fava beans go well with "liver and a nice chianti"

If you've got any ideas, please share them in the comments.

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