My Christmas gift: A conversation with God.

7 years ago


Generation after generation, you watched as man did all he could to be right with you.  Cultures all over the world have engaged in sacrifice to make atonement for their sinful humanity.  Your people were no different and you provided a sacrificial system to allow them the same…and this was only a shadow of the wonder to come. 

But their sacrifices were but a temporary solution to an eternal problem….that someday we would stand before you to give an account of our life.  All the sacrifices in the world could never remove the stain from our hearts.

You saw that nothing we did on our own could ever make us right with you…we were doomed to eternal separation from you.

Your love for us however, proved too much.  You could not bear the thought. So you provided a way for us, for me, to fellowship with you forever…and I didn’t have to do a thing.  It was your gift, free and clear; completely unmerited on my part.  Who could ever be good enough to stand before you, the High King of Heaven?

 You came in such understated power; born to peasants in a dung- filled stable.

You left your place of honor and glory, power and might…shedding your royal robes and jewel studded crown, to be wrapped in simple rags.

You, the Lord of Heaven’s armies, who preside over the Supreme Court of the Heavens, came down to Earth. You became human.  Holiness donned humanity and picked up a carpenters hammer.

You see, in order to take our place at sentencing He needed to walk where we walked and be tempted as we are.  God’s plan was for His son to be that final sacrifice.  A sacrifice in which we had nothing to do with…this time it was not our efforts to please God that would make us right with Him.  It would be a free gift from the King of Kings….To us.  Finally, the striving would be over. This is the REAL Christmas gift!

Jesus paid the price we could not pay. He took our place at sentencing.  Our guilt was placed upon Him so that we could stand before the Father in Heaven and be spotless in His eyes.  The darkness of our humanity, our imperfections and ugliness as human beings…this was all heaped upon Him on the cross…as He became the final sacrifice. 

He paid the ultimate price… separation from His Father and the torments of Hell….until that day He broke the chains of sin and death while imprisoned in darkest depths…and He arose.  Jesus triumphantly rose out of the pit, out of the grave.  As we died with Him on that cross with all of our sin and shame…so also we rose triumphantly with Him out of that grave.  He conquered the dominion that sin and death lorded over us.  As we identified with Jesus in His death, we also identify with Him in new life. 

He ascended to Heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father and we are seated with Him in the is a fact. We have power and authority to do business in His name. You could say that we have been give Power of Attorney to use His name to conduct business. 

All of this, my King, you did for me.  Undeserving, unworthy…but so grateful, so humbled by your love for me.  No more striving, no more trying to be “good enough.”  Thank you that we don't have to clean up our act in order to come to you.  You no longer see my sin or stain, it is washed completely away by the blood of the Lamb…the sacrificial Lamb of God.  All you want is my heart with all its imperfections.

Have me Lord, my King, my Friend. 


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