My boggart would be

3 years ago

I have been a Harry Potter freak for years, I remember many spells (sadly they never work) and dialogues.

By great Albus Dumbledore.
In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own.
And the best By Ron's mum, Molly to Bellatrix.
Sorry Bellatrix, I love you only because of your hair.
But in my real life, I learned a lot from Harry Potter. Yes, I am addicted to a film that has no clue about reality life. But I love it anyway.
I was re-watching part 3, my mind gone blank when I saw a boggart. Ouch, what if a boggart attack me? For non-Harry-Potter-freak-fans, a boggart is an amortal shape-shifting non-being that takes on the form of the viewer's worst fear. 
So in my head, I'm opening a cupboard and a boggart comes out. It's in the shape/disguise of?

Snake. AAAAAA!
I am actually afraid of those creepy creatures. I can't can't can't feel my legs when I hear the "Sssssa isssss essss" around me. Ahan, I feel totally creep over Discover channel's "snake special" shows. How peeps can pet them? It's a big question!
Old dolls - half broken and dirty.
How it looks like
How it is for real
Anybody have seen Child play? Chucky!!!!!! I never played with dolls seriously, just kept them for no reason. I had only a few dolls. I always think that a doll is going to move and ask why I gave her worse clothing or something like that. And I'd be killed by a doll for some stupid reason. 
Joker - From Batman
My worse nightmare! No, I'm not afraid if you upload your Facebook of him but in night, I can't stand watching him. Look at the evilness on this face. Sorry Heather, you're horrible in joker's play and it freaks me out sometimes. 
Here comes the beauty!! Mr Heather who played this cruel Joker's role!
Mr. Lovely Lord Voldemort
Uh no, I'm Sirius serious. I have watched him in my dream thrice and they were totally horrible. That I'm in Hogwards battlefield and he's chasing after me (Sorry Harry, you are in no demand in my dream) He's doing nothing but just running after me and I'm totally lost in a forest with a broken wand and that's not fair!
Hello Mr Ralph, why you looked so terrible as Voldemort? Anyways, you're awesome!
What will be your boggart if it appears? I hope it's not a giant spider!



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