My Body, My Choice

5 years ago

I have to get busy being political.  It is in my nature. I was hauled out of Senate Hearings for calling Rumsfeld a liar from the back of the room.  What I did yesterday was not in the same adrenaline category as the inability to contain myself in D.C. in 2006... but all little things we do have impact far beyond what we understand, so I keep plugging away when the spirit moves me. This is an election year.  I feel I haven't been doing enough participation-wise in the civic responsibility area, and I take my rights, and responsibilities that come along with those rights, very serviously. 

So yesterday, I created a little graphic to share with like-minded folks.  It isn't great, I just smushed it together with public domain graphics from a U.S. Government Medicine site, a Creative Commons-licensed Wikipedia image in an image I created using Gimp, a free, open source, image editing and creation program similar to Photoshop®.  

My Body, My Vote

I uploaded the image in yesterday's personal blog post, My Body, My Vote,  as a couple different types of image files, as well as in a couple different sizes.  I also included a badge you can put on your site to link back to the post with the images. 

I also registered a domain called that is not yet up and running to centralize this type of shared creation and information related to self-determination in the healthcare of women.  I will register it here on BlogHer soon, but for now I have to run to a meeting. 

At least I got this much done.  I feel a bit more like I'm engaging in my civic responsibility. Oh, and you might want to peak at Snotty Noses and Political Boogers, another recent post of mine where I talk about how I feel about having to gear it up this year.    




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