Must-Read Moms 2010, from the Editors of BlogHer and Parenting Magazine

Get ready to read some amazing blogs! The editors of Parenting magazine and BlogHer have worked together to track down the year’s best family-oriented writing on the web. Now it's time to celebrate the authors: We've asked these bloggers to create exclusive pieces for Parenting magazine and the BlogHer '10 Conference, which begins Aug. 6 in New York City.

Wonder how we decided on the must-read parenting blogs of the year? We turned to the experts, a panel of 20 editors and bloggers from and Parenting to go out and find the year's best posts. These women took us very seriously, returning with more than 200 diverse, well-written nominees. Then we read and read and read some more, using this criteria to recommend ten blogs that we thought your year would not be complete without reading -- theirs were the most interesting, well-written, and just plain fascinating pieces. You can visit Must-Read Moms on to find links to all of the nominated blogs. And now, without further the Must-Read Moms of 2010:

Meet the Must-Read Moms of 2010

Christy Everett from Following Elias - After her son was born four months premature, the first words Christy Everett heard were: “He’s alive, but I can’t tell you he’s going to survive.” Today, Elias is 6, and has a baby sister, Olive. Throughout it all, Christy has kept a touching, rather meticulous record of both their lives as well as her own. “I started writing about Elias a few weeks after his birth, as a way to keep family and friends informed on his status,” Christy explains. “As the days in the neonatal intensive care unit turned into months, I found this written outlet was important for my own healing and growth.”

Dawn Friedman from This Woman's Work has two kids and a delightfully odd husband, Brett. Her children are Noah (born in 1997) and Madison (born to her first mom, Pennie*, in 2004 and brought to her family through a domestic, open adoption). She is a freelancer and homeschools.

Eve Kuckuck’s from Impersonating Normal. Her blog used to be called Infertility Rocks!, a jaunty response to the years she spent trying to get pregnant. Now, she’s has the hard-won title of mother of two. “That leaveth not much time for the internet these days,” she writes.

Julie Marsh from The Mom Slant has absolutely no formal writing credentials whatsoever, but that doesn’t stop her from pontificating on politics, religion, and any other topic that catches her attention. A former Air Force officer and music industry project manager, Julie now lives outside Denver with her husband and three young children.

Linda Sharps from All & Sundry - lives in a Seattle suburb with her husband, the many-adjective’d JB, and their sons Riley and Dylan. In addition to her day job at a Mac software company and the whole wrangling-two-children thing, she's also a freelance writer and is going back to school part time. Her hobbies include training for various ill-advised fitness events, taking photos with her battered Nikon D70, reading comic books, and thinking about zombies. She enjoy profanity and yoga pants.

Liz Dwyer from Losangelista - She lives in LA but at heart, she's your average Black/Irish Midwesterner who loves to write, read, eavesdrop and take photos. She's a Baha'i, an insomniac, and ponders becoming vegan. She's fanatical about chai and will love you forever if you get her front row tix to a Depeche Mode show.

Lori Holden from Weebles Wobblog is a work-at-home mom of two who survived the fires of infertility and adoption. She has recently entered the chauffeur state of parenting and has been known to compose an entire post at a red light.

Polly Paganhart from Lesbian Dad - comes by her parenting chops by virtue of a daughter (since September 2004) and a son (since January 2007), both carried and birthed by her beloved. She came by most of the rest of what goes into her blog by virtue of some book-learning (BA: Berkeley, English; MA: Minnesota, American Studies & Feminist Studies), some teaching at both universities (American Studies, Women’s Studies, Composition, Pedagogy), and sundry activism hither and yon.

Ronnie Tyler from Black and Married with Kids is a thirty-something year old professional 4 kids in the DC Area. She and her husband Lamar share their opinions and points of view on relationships, parenting, politics, current events and anything in between. They've won two “2009 Black Web Awards” in the categories of “Best Blog – Culture” and “Best Lifestyle Blog” and are regularly featured guests on multiple media outlets.

Vicki Forman from Speak Softly recently published her memoir, This Lovely Life. It tells the story of her twins' birth at just twenty-three weeks in utero, and the continuous emotional reassemby of her and her family's lives resulting from one twin, Ellie, passing away at four days post-partum, and the other, Evan, surviving with multiple special needs including blindness and a seizure disorder.

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